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World Muslim News Updates: Killers of Abdi Ali Charged & Black Panthers Protect ISNA Convention From Right-Wing Armed Islamophobes

by in World on 3rd September, 2018

1. Young Muslim man found dead in couples apartment

Abdi Ali, was just 17 years old when he went missing, his body was found recently in the attic of his murderers, Stacey Docharty, 28, and Gary Hopkins, 36, who have both been charged with murder 8 months after he went missing. Abdi was last seen at home following a family wedding in December. His post-mortem examination showed, “a blunt force trauma to the head and stab wounds to his chest.” Judge Anne Molyneux said his killers, face a two to three-week trial, beginning on 25 February. They are also charged for withholding the lawful burial of Abdi Ali.

2. ISNA55 ambushed by gun carrying Islamophobes & protected by New Black Panther group

ISNA a convention hosted in Housten Texas,  by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) the largest and oldest Islamic umbrella organization in North America works each year to bring together speakers, sheikhs, preachers, teachers, lecturers, academics, activists, and anyone who wishes to discuss their ideas on identity and Islam together. This year, the building was surrounded by a right-wing Texas Patriot Network, a group of armed islamophobes. Shortly after this, however, an armed group formed with, “Huey P. Newton Gun Club & New Black Panther Party marched.”

3. New offensive launched in Idlib Syria

New government offensive has been launched in Syria, against rebels, which UN envoy has warned will be a ‘perfect storm’ in Northwest Syria. Some are deeming this the last big battle of the civil war since ‘rebels’ and civilians have been defeated and many killed.

The BBC reported, “Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said “terrorists” must be wiped out in Idlib, accusing them of using civilians as human shields.” However, opposition groups have said the rebels will not turn away from militant groups. Claiming they will not withdraw even if they fail to quash ‘terrorist groups’ within their ranks. Middle East eye spoke to the head of the Istanbul-based Syrian National Coalition (SNC), Abdulrahman Mustafa, who reported that “opposition groups in Idlib were trying to entice members of HTS –  a coalition, dominated by former al-Qaeda fighters – to leave the organisation.”

4. Muslim Student set to be the first beauty queen to wear hijab in Miss England

Sara Iftekhar is set to become the runner-up for beauty pageant miss England, as the first hijab-wearing contestant in the finals. The 20-year-old lawyer will be walking to represent Huddersfield. The new Miss England will be announced on Tuesday at Kelham Hall, Notts.



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