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New to Photography? Best Places to Go in London for a Photo-Walk

by in Lifestyle on 19th August, 2019

As an amateur photographer, London has become my playground- so many secrets streets filled with hidden gems. So get excited because I’ve comprised a list of places you must check out with your camera. And now that summer is over and the summer times blues have probably kicked in, it’s the perfect time to roll on out with your camera. The list of places ranging from hipster district like Shoreditch to pretty and picturesque areas like Notting Hill. So, don’t be glum, this list has got you covered.

1. Shoreditch/Brick Lane

Shoreditch: a hipster’s hideaway. Shoreditch is known for its walls of art almost everywhere you turn so you won’t be out of things to take photos of. Secret tip: in order to find these gems, work through every corner you see- it’s also more exciting when you get lost.   This area has tons of restaurants and desert places too: check out @darksugars for some intense hot chocolate chocolatiness (perfect as the temp drops).

Notting Hill is renowned for its pretty doors and posh eatery’s. This place is perhaps one of the prettiest places in London. The houses have doors in all shades of bright vibrant colours that’ll be sure to treat those blues. The houses are all beautifully kept and they make perfect backdrops for an OOTD or adding some colour to your Instagram portfolio. Not too far from Notting Hill train station is Holland park which worth a visit if you want to check the famous Kyoto Gardens or escape the concrete madness of the city.

3. The East End: Whitechapel

Whitechapel lies in the heart of the East End. The great thing about this place is that every street has a hidden secret, from artwork to restaurants you’ll never know what you’ll find- walking into one street leads into another, it’s like a crazy maze game. There’s some pretty cool street art around this area too and it’s worth it to walk.


Brixton is best known for its vibrant culture mainly stemming from its Caribbean community. The first time I visited this place I felt an upbeat vibe. Not too far from the underground station is Windrush square where you’ll find the ‘Black Cultural Archives’ which has work covering areas of African and Caribbean heritage and culture if you’re interested in that area its worth a look.

5. Secret Streets of EC3.

The city of London has a long history of back streets; Like hidden compartments that run behind the busy city streets. What you’ll find is another world, quiet and reserved a stark contrast from the busy central city streets. So, when you find yourself tired of the lurid streets of London, disappear into the alleys of the city, where there’s even more to discover.

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