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5 Skin Care Do’s With @Blackgalandskincare

by in Beauty & Makeup on 20th July, 2019

Need some beauty products to cool down your skin as opposed to setting it on fire constantly? Here are some great products to keep your skin feeling refreshed, healthy, and happy during this dramatic weather change…


I’m back to using cleansing oils instead of makeup wipes to remove my makeup and so far so good. I’m planning on buying some more but this @simpleskin one removed All my makeup and worked well as a 1st cleanse in my #doublecleansingroutine.

2. Sheet mask

I usually only use #sheetmask during the colder months but i’ve finally founds one that fit my face. And also have a good material not to thin or thick ! I love how these make my skin glow and use them straight after my double cleansing routine.〰????

3. Moisturizer

My current go-to moisturiser I’m still very oily but also dry around my mouth. This contains hyaluronic acid which I love and also is nice and thick but very lightweight on the skin. Plus it feels very nice under makeup. Also cant complain about the price tag.

4. Toner

The heat plus a full face of makeup means I need me some misting.

Black Gal and Skin Care

Black Gal and Skin Care

A 22-year-old black gal with an unhealthy skincare obsession. Follow her advice on Instagram @blackgalandskincare