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by in Beauty & Makeup on 9th August, 2019

For the past 6 months, my love affair with makeup and skincare has been as inconsistent as UK politics. I’ve found my skin as it gets paler shows many signs of marks, blackheads and pigmentation things that I can happily forget during the summer months. Alongside the stress of university I’ve neglected my relaxing beauty rituals and swapped them for body lotion on my face and a second-hand clay mask past down from my sister; I know I can sense the ”really” sis vibes from every beauty lover across the globe.

Fear, not my fellow beauty junkies this last two months I’ve been making an effort so much so that I’ll be trying to do a seasonal post on my beauty wardrobe, I’ll be sharing what I’m loving and why, as well as some new purchases.

To kick off my first beauty wardrobe I’ll begin with my never-ending love affair for skincare!

For skincare I’ve been using some new things from The Ordinary I picked up their vitamin C and lactic acid.  Last summer I had a really huge breakout around May which is unusual for me and was left with a lot of marks around my face the lactic acid worked for me last year so I knew where to go this year round. As for vitamin C , winter has left me looking very pale and dull so I spend most my mornings trying to figure out how to fake the glow.  From the body shop again a repurchase is the holy grail *video vixen voice* ride or die and I mean in every sense of the term if I was to be sent to an island ( stares into the abase) I’d take this baby with me not only does it give me super smooth skin which is much needed for a makeup lover it also overtime has helped to exfoliate away my breakout scars.

A newbie to me is this toner from a Korean brand I instantly ordered it once I saw that it had salicylic acid. Bummer because the percentage for the salicylic acid is so low but so far I like, it’s a hydrating toner which I’m not used to but its important in the colder months to layer up on your skincare so in that case I won’t say no. For makeup I purchased my first ever eye-shadow palette (the morphe 35O doesn’t count since it did me dirty and I’d get more pigment out of the soil from my garden).

The Huda Beauty minis are truly perfect for the Gals like me who a) can’t do eye-shadow very well, b) and as a result have commitment issues to palettes and are left finger wavering over the purchase tab on beauty bay! The palette is super tiny but has all the colours I need for day-night not that I have much of a social life but hey I can pretend right!

For my lips, I’ve been dying to find the perfect red I have two-toned lips so I find red lipstick always looks orange on me. The Sephora lip stain in 01 had been on my list for a while and lucky for me my friend picked it up in Sephora. It’s quite possibly the most comfortable lipstick I’ve ever worn.

To wrap it up I have to give a shout out to body oils it’s so much easier for me to lather myself in oil then body lotion and the garnier beauty oil is perfect it leaves your skin moist and soft and smells beautiful too!

Black Gal and Skin Care

Black Gal and Skin Care

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