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The Ordinary Caffeine Solution for Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles

by in Beauty & Makeup on 7th March, 2019

Hello hello, beautiful people, I am back, and I have another Ordinary product that I am going to be reviewing. I have completely fallen in love with The Ordinary mainly because its affordable and produces skincare products that are traditionally higher up in the price point. Their oils, acids, and retinol have made it easier on us skincare addicts wallets and minds alike.

This time around I purchased the caffeine solution which promises to help reduce the look of puffy eyes and dark circles. Everyone and the grandma knows how my bad my dark circles are which stems from my allergies and often having very sore/irritated eyes often leaving me with dark under eyes and lids. Now I’m no idiot and know there is nothing on this planet that will permanently get rid of my dark circles however I do have hope that I might find a product that will slightly reduce them. And also stop people from asking if I’m ill *sighs*.
The caffeine solution is a lightweight product and sinks into the eyes straight away personally it didn’t really leave my eyes dry or hydrated but then again it didn’t claim that it would! I don’t struggle with puffy eyes so I can’t say it backs its claim however for the dark circle I noticed a tiny and I mean minimal difference. My under eyes, unfortunately, are still dark and so not much changed but for someone who’s under eyes may be dark due to environment etc it may work.

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend it purely because I didn’t notice a huge difference, I’m just glad it didn’t cost my kidneys to purchase.

Black Gal and Skin Care

Black Gal and Skin Care

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