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Glossier Haloscope and Cloud Paint (Topaz X Haze)

by in Beauty & Makeup on 29th October, 2018

I’ve ordered from glossier before and even if you aren’t interested in the brand you gotta give props to their marketing team. They’ve capitalized very well of a much-loved concept, clean, fresh, and dewy skin I mean who can resist that!

My first purchase of glossier was the stretch concealer and I loved it albeit the rubbish shade range( I will rant about shade ranges till I die !). I decided to buy a blush and highlighter after hitting pan on my sleek Cleopatra kit, I love liquid highlighter like the body shop drops(my absolute favs) so I thought the stick would be similar.  I also really wanted to embrace blush this spring/summer because I adore other black gals who wear blush It just compliments your makeup and brings any look together.

Topaz is a nice dark bronze shade perfect for any black girl it’s very sheer and oily kinda like a lip balmy texture which at first I hated I felt like I was applying glue on my cheeks. What I came to learn was that haloscope is designed for fingers, It blended beautifully once I started to use my fingers instead of a sponge. However, I still think the product could be better firstly the color and the actual product is nice if it was in a liquid form and a bottle it would be worth the £18 that I spent.
I’d still recommend it if you can push past the texture and application! especially on bare skin with a little concealer on my face it honestly makes me feel like their models on their campaigns.
The blush is probably my favorite of the two, firstly it’s liquid. You also get a lot of pigment which you have to be careful with and it blends out like a dream as well as setting into the skin. With pretty much little transfer which is great since I’m an oily gal. Glossier can be found here
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