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Sufra Foodbank: Working on the Front-Line in the Fight Against Hunger and Poverty in London

by in World on 29th March, 2019

“Sufra NW London works on the front-line in the fight against hunger and poverty whilst also offering a wide range of services and community-based activities that empower individuals and families to overcome impoverishment and social isolation.”

Experts on the subject of poverty in the UK emphasise just how much and how differently poverty can manifest, especially in somewhere like London where the cost of living and the poverty line can sometimes look drastically different compared to areas around the world. According to a report by Trust For London, 1 in 4 Londoners are suffering from poverty. That makes it 2.3 million people in London alone compared to an overall of 21% of the general population of England.

Sufra Food bank and kitchen have been combatting poverty in London since 2013, and their journey is worth keeping an eye on and supporting. They cater to the needs of their immediate community in North West London, it’s located in the heart of one of the most diverse communities in London. Here are a list of their services:

  • Community Kitchen
  • Advice Surgeries
  • St. Raphaels Edible Garden
  • Refugee Support
  • Food Acaedemy for the young and adults

Focused on community building, unpacking poverty, raising awareness of some of the complexities involved in poverty and how to help eradicate it on any scale, the centre has become a safe haven and attraction for locals and refugees seeking help and advice or those who volunteer their time to spending time with others.

They will be present at Food festival #streeteatsfest which Amaliah & Halal Gems are running where you can donate, find out about their work or volunteer.

You can also buy a ticket for #streeteatsfest and donate to Sufra kitchen who will be at the event. We will also be encouraging traders to donate surplus food to the charity as have done at past events. 

Watch a short video we made on the amazing project below and find out more about them.

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