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A Two Sense Podcast *Special* : Life Before Amaliah ; How We Got Started

by in Podcast on 18th December, 2018

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Welcome to our first ever podcast episode over on the Amaliah Podcast! We’re kicking off with something we know best – Amaliah.

In this episode, Sara Amin, Host + Producer of the podcast, is interviewing co-founders and sisters, Selina & Nafisa Bakkar on the path that paved the way for the beautiful journey that has become Amaliah.

Starting a business like Amaliah from scratch against the backdrop of political commentary from David Cameron and Boris Johnson, the fast changing nature and rising popularity of modest fashion, being women of colour in boardrooms of white middle-class men and growing a start-up in the early stages and growing a baby in your belly as an already single mum to one – it’s not been an average journey.

The ladies explore what it means to have ‘tawakkul’ or trust in God, and how it brought them one step closer to starting Amaliah.

Did you know that we followed up? You can head straight to Part Two, Life At Amaliah; 4 years on, here.

You can listen to this episode using the link below, and catch all of our other series’ and Two Sense *special*! episodes over on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and wherever else you get our podcasts. 

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