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We’re Talking Dubai, Spiritual Ills and Accelerating Climate Change Over on the Amaliah Podcast

by in Identity on 8th December, 2018

We’re back with another Overrated//Underrated session over on Amaliah voices, it’s been a while but the ladies have come strong this week and are taking on Dubai and Climate Change.

It works like this – the girls are challenged to each bring three subjects they’d like to unpack and debate as being either overrated or underrated and then leave it for public scrutiny! Even the most mundane of topics sometimes give way to often layered and useful perspectives…

This week in the overrated category:

Keeping your cards to yourself (business ideas)

Islamic terminology in mainstream music – do we feel validated?

Charity Admin Fees – How is the Muslim community approaching this subject?

Conforming to the Norm ( It sometimes look ‘normal’…)

Nail Polish

Dubai as a holiday destination – what are we contributing to?

In the underrated category:

‘The Judge’ – Film

What Plastic is doing to the world…

Selfie culture – what does Narcissism look like today?

Our power as consumers

Asking for help…

Making Dua for others.

You can listen to the episode here:

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