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Poetry: Open Your Hands, Let God Guide You

by in Soul on 18th October, 2019


You spend your days collecting the heaviness of this world

unfolding and stitching every ache into the tapestry of your prayer mat

In sujood, you wonder if your heart can be mended cleansed of fear, reshaped into certainty

For darkness is a part of this life and sometimes you forget that Ihsan waters the seeds and the soul shall reap the harvest

And too often you forget that your holy book is a map

If not now, when?

When will you let God till the soil plant a garden in every place you’ve stored pain

When will you accept that there is no need to fear tomorrow for there is nowhere, God is not

Faith can not simply dwell in the heart it must exist in hands that pray and serve all of humanity look closely; there is a cure in the act of giving

If not now, when?

There is no shortage of compassion or joy no shortage of food, land or water

If you want to make this world a better place let love be your currency and give it all away

For you are an instrument of grace, a reflection of light

Depart from the darkness of this world remove its weight from your spine fast from anguish, recite the names of God cleanse your heart, cover this earth with prayer

Follow the map of infinite hope for all things are bound together; and all things share the same breath

Go slow if you must, but go become something as sacred as a seed plant yourself inside God’s soil grow into the possibility of each breathe

Become a testament, a structure of Heaven and Earth a living mosque crafted to serve and remember God

For you are standing in between two worlds the one that spins and the one that awaits

Open your hands, let God guide you

Rashida James-Saadiya

Rashida James-Saadiya

A visual artist, writer, and cultural educator invested in transforming social perceptions through creative literature. Her work explores migration, identity, and the transmission of spirituality through poetry and song amongst Muslim women in West Africa and the American South. Also, she is an Arts & Culture editor for Sapelo Square a digital hub documenting the experience and legacy of Black Muslims in America and the Creative Director of Crossing Limits, a multi-faith non-profit organization which utilizes poetry as an instrument for social change, highlighting the intersections of faith and social injustice.