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What Is Going on in the Muslim World? Aisha Mohamed Appointed Ethiopia’s First Female Minister and Global Migrant UN Pact

by in World on 10th December, 2018

1. Global migration pact adopted by World Leaders

It has been reported that the leaders from 164 countries have agreed to a UN migration accord spurned by the US and several other countries. The pact has been agreed despite withdrawals and contentions from the U.S, to “prevent suffering and chaos” for migrants globally. The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration (GCM) agreed on the pact on Monday at a conference in Marrakesh.

The countries still undecided as to whether or not to sign the pact: 

Australia, Austria, Latvia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Chile, Dominican Republic, Poland, and Slovakia.

Countries that refused to attend the summit and sign the accord:

Australia, Austria, Latvia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Chile, Dominican Republic, Poland, and Slovakia.

The pact had been approved in July by all 193 member nations except the US, which backed out last year.

2. Ethiopia gives half of the ministerial posts to women

The Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has appointed his governments’ new ministerial posts to women, making up almost half the positions in government, one including defence minister. When asked why he has appointed women, he said they were “less corrupt than men” and would help restore peace and stability. Ethiopia is now the only other African state after Rwanda to have equal gender representation in the cabinet. The number of ministerial jobs have also been cut from 28 to 20 by Abiy creating massive reforms since his coming to power in April. Aisha Mohamed first female defense minister, Muferiat Kamil country’s first Minister of Peace, Mahlet Hailu is Ethiopia’s deputy permanent representative to the UN.

Read more here.

3. Sudan government officials killed in a crash

A Helicopter crashed in the Eastern Sudan region, the Governor of Gadarif, Mirghani Salih was heading to Gallabat, Ashorooq TV reported, after finishing a security tour in the province. Salih and three security officials were amongst the 7 who died. SUNA  the countries news agency reported the crash on Sunday. Eyewitnesses have said the Helicopter caught fire after colliding with a communications tower, “flames and thick dark smoke rose from the aircraft,”.  the helicopter tried to land in the remote area of Gadarif. Read more here.

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