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The Adulting Series: 50 Things You Could Probably Stop Buying

by in Lifestyle on 28th May, 2019

When I was younger I was a real hoarder, my wall would be filled with posters, tickets from museums and shows and my shelves filled with random trinkets and items that just looked cute. But when I moved out of my Mum’s home and realised I had a whole house to look after and keep tidy, less things meant more time not cleaning and tidying. It’s also my stopover in a bid to try and shop more ethically and use less.

As I moved into a new house this year I decided that I would rethink what I “need” and try and pack a little lighter. At one point I even questioned if I needed a sofa, my thinking was “wow have *they* (they being the global capitalist conspirators) really commercialised sitting down in my own place?” Was it really justifiable to spend a couple of hundreds of pounds (and that’s the low end of sofas), and in the end I gave in, but I did buy it at half price, and now have been browsing £25 cushions…

I even questioned if I really needed a kettle, couldn’t I just boil water in a pot? But given that I already had  a kettle when I moved it, it seemed a waste not to use it, it also helps when I’m rushing to work in the mornings! I did stop at the toaster though, I am not planning to get a toaster and instead I toast my bread on a pan, not just any pan, but a cast iron pan or if I’m feeling lazy I put it in the oven grill.

There are some things that feel inconvenient not to have, like a peeler which I will eventually get but there are other items which just feel like they don’t need to be on my shopping list. Watching Sarah Therese’s video below on 50 things I no longer buy also definitely helped. A helpful rule of thumb to go buy is, “is it useful to have”, it also helps to as a rule when you find yourself trying to impulse buy or when browsing the sales.

Some of them include:

Artificial air fresheners: This was one I used to buy and now replace with burning bukhoor or essential oils which are beneficial for more than just smelling good. Also opening all windows and doors and just giving the place a good air out every other weekend helps.

Notebooks and Journals: (no they won’t help make 2019 better), before buying one really think if you need it, I for one know I have loads lying around that feel too pretty to write in or are half used

Juice and Fizzy Drinks: This is more of a health thing and I have replaced it with cordials and sparkling water which also lasts longer. I used to buy this sort of stuff when we had guests come around but I realised that actually if I wouldn’t have them myself then I don’t need to give them to guests and can give them alternatives

Bags: I have one backpack for work that fits my laptop, a smaller backpack and then two slim side bags, I gave up on hangbags during university realising they are awful for your back and it is revolutionary having both hands free! Oh an a sparkly bag for fancy events like weddings. Sarah actually only has her baby bag and a sparkly bag!

Highstreet jewellery: Cheap highstreet pieces end up rusting, falling apart and not really looking that great. For me, they are normally an impulse buy because it looks cute. I’ve bought a few gold rings, nothing fancy that I wear everyday and don’t need to faff about with or worry about rusting when I jump into the shower.

Maya Areem

Maya Areem

Maya is a teacher by day and student by night. She hopes to pass on what she learns.