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The Pearls of Islam Album Has Love as It’s Foundation

by in Identity on 15th April, 2020


The successful duo Sakina & Rabiah, otherwise known as Pearls of Islam  released their album #loveismyfoundation in 2019 and Subhan Allah what a beautiful collection of what can be as described as love letters to Allah, to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and reminders for our souls. Their music is rooted in traditional Qasaaid and can be described as spiritually soulful. Having seen the women perform I can simply say they have a deep love and understanding of our Rabb and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which is communicated beautifully through their nasheeds.  The women sit their beautiful voices on top of instruments such as guitars and the djembe. Much of their work contains both Arabic and English and has influences from listening to music of their Carribean origin which has also played a part in their careers. The opening track on the album is titled ‘Bismillah’ and the last track is titled ‘Love is my Foundation (Live)’ there is also a track titled ‘Mawla ya Salli’ which features Ahmad Ikhlas.

Both have worked tirelessly towards the album launch and shared that it has been “… a journey of embracing that inner voice that says ‘I am not good enough’ until it changes to ‘Allah IS enough’, knowing that it is He who is the foundation to all of this.” When you listen to the album, you will know that they are good enough and that there is excellance in each single.

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A few weeks ago we finished the recording of our debut album. Alhamdulillah (All praises to Allah). The journey has been a beautiful dance between pain and falling in love with Allah and His Beloved (pbuh). Its been a journey of self acceptance and love, of laughter, of tears and of heavenly beauty. A journey of embracing that inner voice that says 'I am not good enough' until it changes to 'Allah IS enough', knowing that it is He who is the foundation to all of this. We are sooooooo excited for you to hear the album. It was birthed from that journey and we are really looking forward to sharing more of this journey and album with you all. You all have supported us so much and we ask Allah to bless you all. Save the date- Album launch 26/01/19:) #album #muslimah #nasheeds #muslim #pearls #islam #pearlsofislam #studio

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Their careers have definitely inspired many other artists both male and female in the space and both are seen as veterans of nasheed/music whatever you want to call the space. It’s amazing to see the album launch and we wish them the most success, to support, head over to their Instagram. The album was supported by many of us in the community through the Launch Good campaign and availability are via I-tunes, Amazon and other outlets. 

Both the women also run a range of workshops (scroll down) through The Rabbani project. 

Rabia Educates and teaches people about Prophetic medicines and holistic health care

Sakinah teaches and shares her skills in drumming through workshops and events

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