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Small Talk With Hoda Katebi: What Has Fast Fashion Got to Do With Sprituality?

by in Culture & Lifestyle on 25th July, 2019


Image Source | Instagram : @hodakatebi

“Think about your wardrobe like you would an art gallery.
An art gallery isn’t dripping in art have a collection of each piece that is worth a lot, and also says a lot about you, the curator.
So, just as we admire a painting for each brush stroke and the brush strokes each comprise the painting and contribute value to it, we should be looking at our clothes in the same way.
So each thread, each time a seam is sewn I think it’s really important that that contributes to the piece as a whole. It’s not severed from who made it and that in fact, that really informs how the piece looks and what the piece can provide us, even on a spiritual level….What does it mean that something that’s the product of violence is constantly touching our skin?” – Small Talk With Hoda Katebi

Welcome to Small Talk, a podcast series delivering short, digestible episodes of some of the muslim community’s biggest and most hard hitting questions answered concisely by Muslim women who know their craft.

This week, we’re speaking with Hoda Katebi – writer, activist, radical anti-capitalist and a rising voice in the fashion industry. She’s the author of online political fashion publication JooJoo Azad, the book Tehran streetstyle, and hosts #becauseweveread, an international book club born from her internet viral clap-back on WGN morning news.

At whose expense is the demand for modest fashion? Is it unrealistic to want to cleanse the supply chain? And is Islam at direct odds with capitalism?… Hoda’s calling out some of the world’s biggest brands and a culture of ‘Firsts’ in representation.

You can listen to the episode below and catch our other episodes in our Small Talk playlist over on Acast, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever else you get your podcasts. If you enjoy our episodes, you can support our production here!

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