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A Personal Listening Guide to the Amaliah Podcast

by in Culture & Lifestyle on 4th March, 2020


Hey everyone!

I thought I’d put together a personal listening guide to the Amaliah Podcast for you since we’ve taken off on lots of exciting projects over the past year and a half here. Here’s what you can find on the podcast and why I think you should give them a listen…

Light’s On, With Angelica Lindsey-Ali

If there’s one faith-based sex podcast you should be listening to…

Angelica’s one of my favourite voices on the podcast, and in editing I often find myself wishing I had this resource around when I was a bit younger. I didn’t need the tips but I could have done without the foreboding anxiety of one day having someone in my personal space bubble in an awkward way.

Talking openly about sex is more often than not an uncomfortable experience, and learning about sex in the Muslim community is so on the down-low it’s mostly off. However, we’ve got have a growing number of pioneers re-inventing how Islamic sex-ed is done, carving out safe spaces online and offline to provide informed & accredited information to the masses about a subject that somehow got caught up in being taboo – Angelica’s one of them. Listening to this podcast feels like the ‘grown-up’ conversation it was always supposed to be, and you don’t have to hide it like a Fifty Shades of Grey novel on the train (spotting Hijabi’s be coy with their copy is a pastime). It’s a fun, upbeat listen, super educational, and perfect for you if you want to take the cringe out of the Islamic approach to sex education.

Two Sense

Selina, Nafisa and myself hit the roundtable every month to talk about anything we want…and it’s important.

Unfortunately, in 2020 mainstream media you’re still more likely to find a Muslim woman being asked to comment on the same old muslim women tropes.

It’s not an act of defiance against the big media juggernauts, and many are past the point of demanding the space to talk about pink balloons if we want to, we’re just doing it. Each month we put our two cents on 4 subjects we’d each like to unpack and debate as being either overrated or underrated, and make sense of everything from the mundane to the taboo, giving way to often useful and layered perspectives. It sounds like a sit-down with your friends, one of those head-banging conversations where you can’t help yourself passionately agreeing with someone that those millionaire mindset videos are actually very deep and meaningful – (sorry Naf).

Small Talk

This is one of the hardest series’ we produce on the podcast, but one I find personally the most rewarding to listen to.

They’re small but mighty episodes of approx 20 mins, power packed with hard-hitting questions that skip the small talk and take you straight to the heart of wider themes and questions we’re still navigating in the Muslim community.

News and current affairs is sometimes hard for me to digest, especially when it’s muslim centric, it can feel fast paced and sometimes disposable, I often find myself too far removed and disengaged with formats and ultimately end up missing out on learning of the people and events unfolding in areas of life I’m actually really passionate about.

This series kind of functions as a bliss point for me. It’s a short, punchy, informative listen, not flat but filled with character, the interviewees are concise and trustworthy, and it’s able to draw on wider themes and concerns as well as react to current affairs. I’d look at it as a credible dose of information to pep you up when you’re in the mood…

Two Sense Special

These are our ‘labour of love’ episodes.

They’re usually the longest to produce and the longest to listen to, but it’s only because we do more than just ask for someone’s two cents on something – these are for our long, probing, open ended questions on subjects that need a little more thawing out.

Life before Amaliah and Life After Amaliah detail the lead-up to Nafisa and Selina starting an independent media platform, the people and real lives of those making a way for themselves in the world. It’s an emotional listen and I thoroughly enjoy interviewing the ladies for it too.

Our other existing two sense special is our highest rated/listened to episode on the whole podcast, and I wonder why…

Finding love in the Muslim community isn’t the easiest experience in the world for many, and the good thing is, we’re starting to talk about it. We’ve got rules and guidelines and an overwhelming amount of information about why to look for and what to look for in a future spouse. It’s a poignant journey for so many Muslims, and an even more poignant listen – because you find out you’re not alone.

Nights In

In the name of fun and sisterhood – we’ve launched fuss free, raw, unfiltered episodes recorded live, by you at our Amaliah offline ‘Nights In’ events, direct from our pop-up recording studio.

When I want the background noise and comfort of my sisters having interesting conversations & having a laugh – I give this a listen. Keep an eye out for more episodes…

Amaliah Live!

This is a straight forward, easy, ‘smiley’?, listen. We capture the energy of our live events in these episodes, fostering an always needed sense of community and learning between your very ears.



Host + Producer of the Amaliah Podcast (BPA Nominee 2020 + Gold Winner Audible Grassroots Production Award of the Year 2019)