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Movita Johnson Harrell Becomes First Black Muslim State Representative to the City With the Highest Muslim Population in the USA

by in World on 30th September, 2019

On Tuesday the 12th of March the seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives was won by Movita Johnson-Harrel, she won 66 % of the vote. The win is historic as it makes her the first Black Muslim American woman to be elected as a state representative in Pennsylvania. She shared a message to all that have supported via her personal Facebook:

She also enters with the promise of taking a pay cut to show she really is in this for the community.

“I’m running because I care about my community — I don’t need a job,” Johnson-Harrell told Philadelphia magazine in January when she declared her run. “Many people enter politics looking for a career, money, power, fame — I’ll be personally taking a $20,000 pay cut if I become the next state representative.”

She is very much part of the community and started a foundation, the CHARLES  foundation was launched following the murder of her son Charles, he was a victim to gun violence in the state. She has also expressed that gun violence will be a top priority.

“It was created to provide advocacy and assist children with skills, self-esteem building and conflict resolution in an attempt to reduce violence and murder in our communities.  We are working with a variety of grassroots and community organizations to reduce community violence.  It is our hope and prayer that this foundation will be the basis of recovery and redemption for many so that they do not end up dead or in prison.”

She can be seen in the video below re-accounting the events and talking about Marsy’s law.

Her win has been widely celebrated and her community efforts acknowledged, she has also shared the journey openly with all and the bitter-sweet pain of the win. She shared through the campaign that the driving reason was her son’s death.

I am running because someone put four bullets in him because they thought he was someone else. He had a right to live….

Posted by Movita Johnson-Harrell on Monday, March 11, 2019

Family & Friends supporting the campaign

Posted by Movita Johnson-Harrell on Monday, March 11, 2019

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