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Wondering How to Unlock Your Full Potential as a Freelancer?

by in Lifestyle on 23rd May, 2019

Enrol Yourself Cohort

Freelancing can be lonely and confusing. The isolation of working for yourself can lead to self-doubt and stress (due to overworking and/or looking for clients), as well as limit your potential from flourishing due to lack of resources and time.

But being freelance also brings with it the freedom of interesting projects, flexibility with your time and choosing where you want to go more directly.

To help you reach your potential as a freelancer, Amaliah are proud to be teaming up with Enrol Yourself to bring you a bursary for the Learning Marathon: their 6 month learning accelerator. The Amaliah x Enrol Yourself bursary is exclusively for women of colour.

Application deadline Monday 10th June

The next Learning Marathon is for freelancers and aspiring freelancers. So whether you’re a veteran or just contemplating this lifestyle, read on! This is for the trailblazers, the ones who have the fire and drive to move into the next dimension of their lives.

Introducing The Learning Marathon.

So what is it?

The Learning Marathon is a 6-month peer-led learning accelerator programme that is designed to help you achieve your goals. The programme is there to give you access to skills, networks, and resources in order to tackle professional and/or personal goals – perhaps you’re freelancing on the side and want to work towards making it your full time reality.

You’ll join a cohort of 10-12 peers from across sectors who’ll become your hive mind and your support system: a rich pool of perspectives, skills and creativity that you’ll each draw on to make your goals happen and reach your potential.

The programme is designed to integrate into your life alongside work and is structured around intensive workshops, meetups, buddying, coaching and a public showcase event and reflective retreat at the end of the 6 months. This programme is ideal for those of you who are thinking about how you can push yourselves out of your comfort zone.

Who’s it for?

  • Freelancers, aspiring freelancers, the self-employed, slashies
  • You’ve got a personal or professional development goal you want to work on
  • You can commit to 5 hours a week over 6 months
  • You want to push yourself out of your comfort zone and make something happen

Enrol Yourself Cohort

Programme Dates

  • Kick Off weekend: 29th-30th June

  • 12 fortnightly Wednesday evening Meetups 6.30-9.30pm at a variety of London locations.

  • 12 peer mentoring and coaching sessions, scheduled at your convenience.

  • 2 full day Power Up days: Saturday 31st August, Saturday 26th October

  • Showcase event: w/c 20th January

  • Finish Line weekend: 31st Jan – 2nd Feb 2020

  • Additional ‘Get Shit Done’ sessions occasionally scheduled.

Azra, past Amaliah x Enrol Yourself bursary recipient

Check Out Our interview With Azra Javed, Mother of 5 Who Took the Plunge and Went Back to Studying With Enrol Yourself

About Enrol Yourself

Enrol Yourself is a social enterprise committed to continually improving the inclusivity of our Learning Marathon programme. Enrol Yourself exists to open up access to transformative, local lifelong learning experiences that are powered by the people who participate in them. Enrol Yourself is an antidote to the patriarchal, hierarchical formal education system.

“We strongly believe that more diverse participation leads to a greater creative potential for each peer group, and a more transformational experience for every learner.” – Founder, Zahra Davidson

Enrol Yourself aim to provide something that is more flexible and less costly than a Masters, but more compelling, transformational and effective than an online course of content. 85 people have participated in the Learning Marathon since 2017 across London, Birmingham and Bristol, embracing the idea of leading their own learning as part of a dynamic, supportive peer group.

About the bursary & the programme

  • 6-month learning course
  • The Amaliah x Enrol Yourself bursary is exclusively for women of colour
  • The bursary is 50% off the relevant fee bracket and we have 2
  • The rest of the course can be paid in 6 or 12 interest-free monthly instalments.
  • Application deadline 9am 10th June

  • The guideline we give is that you will need to be able to commit 5+ hours per week. Some weeks it will be more, other weeks it may be less. Some of this time will be spent in meetups and workshops, some of it will be self-initiated and spent working on your Learning Question.

  • You can find out more about the Learning Marathon here, and for full programme dates and application form head here
  • To discuss your application, your eligibility — or anything else, please contact [email protected]

To discuss anything at all, you can reach us via [email protected]. You can sign up for occasional Enrol Yourself updates via email here.

Amaliah Team

Amaliah Team

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