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Islam as a Sex Positive Religion and Shaming Female Pleasure | SMALL TALK W/ ANGELICA LINDSEY-ALI

by in Identity on 27th July, 2019


Source: Instagram | @villageaunty

How have our ideas on sex and intimacy between a couple been misconstrued in the context of religious education? And how are Muslim women getting ready for sex and intimacy?

In this episode, Sara’s in conversation with Angelica Lindsey-Ali aka. The Village Aunty, a U.S based sexual health educator and community scholar whose work over the span of 20 years has sought to challenge and unlock conversations around sex in the Muslim community.

Conversations on sex can are often shrouded taboos in the Muslim community, which may be result of some very clear parameters about what can and cannot take place between two Muslims before marriage, but what impact are they having on the development of a healthy sex life for Muslim couples, and more specifically how it is inhibiting the development of female pleasure? Against the backdrop of Amaliah’s Sex Ed Survey, Sara and Angelica discuss sex and female pleasure in the context of Islam as a sex positive religion.

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