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Episode 1 of Lights Featuring Angelica Lindsey-Ali Answered : “I’m in a Sexless Marriage, It’s Been Over 2 Years Since We’ve Had Sex”

by in Podcast on 26th January, 2021


Sex, intimacy and female pleasure within the context of Islam. These aren’t all too often talked about subjects within the muslim community. are excited to announce the release of our brand new series, ‘Lights On – with Angelica Lindsey-Ali’, on the Podcast. We’ve brought in community scholar and sex expert, Angelica Lindsey-Ali, a.k.a our fave @villageauntie, to answer your questions, concerns and curiosities on all things related to sex, intimacy and body confidence every month on the Amaliah Podcast – so that we’re no longer in the dark… 💡

We’ve picked from the crop of questions you’ve submitted to the podcast anonymously through our sex survey, and here’s what Angelica is answering in Episode 1:

Often the narrative is around men being experienced in terms of sex. What advice do you have for women in a dynamic where they are more sexually experienced in their partnership?
In your work are you experiencing women “faking being virgins” – why would they? What lengths are they going to? How does the the whole “covering your sins” and the shaming of having had pre marital sex come into this?
Two submissions we had about misconceptions about submissive sex:
  • I didn’t even know you moved. I thought the man penetrated the woman and they both lay there and that’s how a baby was made.}
  • That the man always knows what he’s doing. And that the woman should always submit to whatever the man wants}
How do you unlearn cultural expectations about the submissive role of women in sex and it being a shameful act? How do you address this with your partner who may also have these expectations. What if he is not forthcoming in a woman asserting confidence and a sense of ownership in the bedroom?
  • “I’m in a sexless marriage, it’s been over 2 years since we’ve had sex”.
  • “Sex  with my husband feels repetitive, same sequence, same position, how can I start a conversation about changing it up and trying new positions?”
What are tangible steps and practical advice people can take towards having better sex? Perhaps conversation starters or things to do to start the convo? Are there ways to improve libido? Can contraception affect libido?
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