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Your Sex Q’s Answered on Episode 3 of Lights On, With Angelica Lindsey-Ali

by in Podcast on 14th January, 2020

lights on

Sex, intimacy and female pleasure within the context of Islam. These aren’t all too often talked about subjects within the muslim community. So we’ve brought in community scholar and sex expert, Angelica Lindsey-Ali, a.k.a our fave @villageauntie, to answer your questions, concerns and curiosities on all things related to sex, intimacy and body confidence every month on the Amaliah Podcast – so that we’re no longer in the dark… 💡

We’ve picked from the crop of questions you’ve submitted to the podcast anonymously through our sex survey, and here’s what Angelica is answering this episode:

Angelica, last episode we had a 101 on orgasms and female anatomy, can you give us one on male anatomy and erogenous zones?
I’ve heard from people that the guy should make the woman cum first as he may be depleted after climaxing. Why is that so and how do i communicate this to my partner? How does this tie in with multiple orgasms? Often sex is depicted in a way where the end point is the man climaxing…
 Is there such a thing as smelling and tasting nice down there? How can I taste/smell good down there for my partner for when he goes down on me?
What should one do if they feel heartbroken over their husband watching porn and how do you go about communicating it? Overall, how do I feel good about us again? Is the conversation about porn one that we should have pre-marriage?
I love my husband and our marriage. We’ve been married for 2 years but I don’t feel like I’m having the best sex ever. I want to feel wild just one time.
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