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#Knifefree Chicken Boxes Are Being Rolled Out by the Home Office

by in World on 15th August, 2019

This week the UK Home Office announced their latest attempt to tackle knife crime. The official Home Office Twitter account announced the release of 321,000 branded boxes destined for chicken shops across England and Wales which have #knifefree on the outside and positive stories of young people who have chosen other paths and activities over knife crime on the inner side of the boxes. MPs and the public began to share their thoughts and ideas on the recent campaign. Outlets such as Chicken Cottage, Dixy Chicken and Morley’s are some of the partners.

The campaign had been called out for being racist, crude and offensive, while others have commented that the funds and resources are misplaced and should instead be put into charities, community centers and grassroots organisations.

Diane Abbott, the Shadow Home secretary shared that the plan was “crude” and “offensive”.

Recently appointed Home Secretary Priti Patel went as far as to defend the campaign and some would say play politics…

Kelechi Okafor, Actress and Founder, of Kelechnekoff Fitness Studio raised that the MP was “…just anti-Black”.

Someone also pointed out this had been trialled in 2010.

David Lammy Labour MP for Tottenham also shared his thoughts…

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Hirra Khan Adeogun

“I’m not interested in this background noise. It’s a useless marketing stunt. How much did this cost? This government is not interested in putting money where its mouth is. Where is the money for youth centres and youth workers? Where is the money for social care? Where is the money for educational support to stop unnecessary school exclusions? Where is the money for better childcare options for working parents? Where is the money for more community police officers that are building one-to-one trust with communities? Where is the money for training and employment initiatives? Where is the money?”

Leila Louise Butt

“This is woefully short-sighted and actually pretty offensive. Why chicken shops? I’d love to hear the reasoning behind this. Also I have to agree with Hirra Khan Adeogun where is the money that is needed to improve the lives of young people ? Young people – from every race – who have been let down by a lack of care. Money for CAMHS and schools is urgently needed in particular. Too many young people growing up believing that they have nothing to live and that nobody values them is the root of the rise in knife and gang-related crime. The Home Office would do better to spend a day listening to ex-gang members and realising what their lives were like before they were drawn in. No chicken box is gonna stop this issue until more is invested in young people who need support.”

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The tables have turned . . My take on the #knifefree campaign. Imagine if the campaign targeted a demographic of people with the assumption that they are ENTIRELY responsible for putting an end to prejudice. The knife free campaign targeting chicken shops is A) Creating an assumption that the footfall is more likely to be involved in knife crime B) Holding that demographic accountable for putting an end to it C) Framing this demographic as the problem. D) total waste of money . . Why didn’t the campaign target an assumed demographic that holds a large amount of institutional power structures that do not see their potential to make a difference by passing the mic and opening doors to create windows of opportunity to those who may not have direct access to that? . . #homeoffice #campaign #parody #prejudice #ad #advert #socialchange #socialimpact #fail #chickenshop #offensive #news #inthenews #foodforthought #chickenbox #perspective #perception #power #institution

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