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A Winning 4 Step Productless Skin-Care Routine

by in Beauty & Makeup on 28th August, 2019


The skin care industry thrives on treating the symptoms of our skin conditions, and while some out there truly are miracle workers and good short term fixes, they don’t treat the core of these issues and they can be a burden on our wallet and storage space, so here are 4 components you can fit into your routine that will significantly help encourage better skin and rule out the need to invest in a cyclical skin care industry…

Drink Your 2 Litres

Not just any water though! It’s no secret that drinking water can help provide you with better skin all over. Our bodies are, for the large part, made up of water and it’s only right that we’re constantly topping up so that we’re at our maximum! However, our bodies have a lot to contend with in the outside world, and so it’s really important that we’re not re-polluting our bodies with bad quality water! Although perfectly designed and very clever, it’s taxing on our organs to eliminate overwhelming quantities of toxins in our water, in our blood and in our food – which have an impact an our skin, as it’s the last organ to receive nutrients in the body (as some of the more vital ones need attention first), which leads us on to our second point…

Try to filter your water with a charcoal stick and every so often some distilled water  – bottled and tap water are full of harmful components that your body has to eliminate and puts your skin into a cycle!

Good Food and Gut Health

Because our bodies have to make priorities for where our nutrients go in the body, it’s important for good skin that you’re making that process easier, as it’s the last and largest organ to receive nutrients in the body. It explains why when we’re eating badly for an extended period of time, or if we’re ill in any capacity, it usually shows up in the quality of our skin, a dull or tired complexion.

A sure fire way to ensure that you’re facilitating this process is making sure you have optimum gut health. A full prescription on what this looks like needs some thorough and wide-reaching research, but this post should encourage you in this direction if you’re looking to improve your skin care routine.

Massage Your Face

A well functioning lymphatic system is key in maintaining good skin, as blockages or low functioning systems really show up. This is because it’s closer to the skin organ than anything else in our bodies – it’s a fluid as part of our toxin elimination system in the body and when we’re stressed, not sleeping or not eating right, it can get blocked, move slowly or not at all. This makes us puffy and dull – so a good facial massage can help get things going. You can do them once or twice a week and you can find plenty of good tutorials online to show you what to do!


This ties in everything mentioned above as well – eating right, drinking more water and well functioning lymphatic/blood flow is all facilitated by a good exercise routine! Good blood flow can make skin glow and get your organs doing the best job they can – eliminating those toxins that make your skin suffer. Even walking on your commute to/from work is a good way to perk up your skin-care routine so try to fit it in in conjunction with the above…

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