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Jade Rollers for Your Skin – Myth or Legend?

by in Beauty & Makeup on 6th November, 2019

jade roller

At Amaliah Glo’, we’re trying our best to bust myths and get you the glowing skin you deserve, and so if you haven’t checked out any of our previous articles on what could be sabotaging your ‘good skin days’, have a little glance over at our easy step-by-step guides on how to achieve what you’re looking for! This week, we’re talking all things lymphatic system, and how treating it well can give you that extra glo’.

Jade rollers have been used historically in Chinese beauty routines. Jade, chosen for its cooling properties is thought to help along the process of keeping your facial muscles nice and tight! But it’s also amazing for keeping those fluids under your face working to make your skin glow.

When we nourish our bodies with good food and lots of good water, we’re helping out our skin a BUNCH, because all that vitamin C, B K and Iron is there to help our skin look it’s best. Our lymphatic system, which is designed to rid our body of toxins is crucial here, as toxins rising to the surface of our skin is what gives us that dull, spotty or uneven appearance. So, to keep our lymphatic system happy, beauty gurus everywhere have devised a set of systems to keep it functioning it’s best – ever had the fantastic experience of dry brushing for example? Jade rollers are another method that can help with this (albeit not as painful as that body brush)!

It goes without saying that you can give yourself a facial massage with your hands and a bit of oil – the jade roller is a luxury item on your vanity – which I am not against (in reasonable quantities). The jade roller can be especially nice if you keep it in the fridge, massaging your face the next day can be a really nice experience.

Jade rolling shouldn’t be exercised every day – rather 1-2 times a week in conjunction with your normal beauty routine, including any acids or oils you use on a weekly basis!

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