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The Hampstead Kitchen Recipes: Za’atar & Rose Baby Chicken

by in Lifestyle on 8th November, 2019

Welcome to our new series with Saima Khan at The Hampstead Kitchen. Saima has cooked for the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and The Obamas. Her signature cuisines include Mediterranean (mainly Spanish, Italian & Greek), Scandinavian, Nordic dishes, to plates from the Middle East and Persia. Saima will be joining us on Amaliah over the next few months with recipe ideas for dinner parties, busy weeks and lazy days.

Za’atar & Rose Baby Chicken

This recipe is the most requested recipe from my clients, the chicken comes out brilliantly tender and juicy inside.With this foolproof recipe you will never have dry, bland chicken ever again!

credit: The Hampstead Kitchen

PREP TIME: 5 min

COOK TIME: 45-60 min

TOTAL TIME: 50-65 min


    • baby chicken or medium size chicken, whole with skin
    • glugs of good cooking Olive oil
    • garlic – add 1 bulb cut horizontally
    • lemon – half a juice, the other half sliced
    • sea salt to taste, remember you only need a little
    • pomegranate molasses – a good glug
    • spices – za’atar(dried thyme) & crushed rose petals
    • 1 small pomegranate – deseed

You can easily find za’atar, rose petals & pomegranate molasses almost supermarket or a local middle eastern grocery store.

credit: The Hampstead Kitchen


  • Put all the ingredients in a roasting dish except for the chicken and mix well
  • Place the sliced lemon & halved garlic on the bottom and rub  into the mixture
  • Add the chicken and coat well & pour another glug of olive oil
  • Roast this in the oven on high heat for another 20 minutes
  • Add a few glugs of boiling water and cover with foil
  • Continue to cook for another 20-25 minutes
  • How do you know it’s cooked? The juices should run clear & the meat should be firm and not jiggly

credit: The Hampstead Kitchen


Our Obama dip with some flat bread, roasted potatoes, saffron rice or a simple green salad

The Hampstead Kitchen

The Hampstead Kitchen

Saima Khan is the founder of The Hampstead Kitchen, an experiential private dining concept in which she assumes the role of Executive Chef, curating unforgettable events serving delicious food to bring people together. Having travelled extensively around the world, Saima shares different tastes, textures, and colours at her events, which are all cascaded in the middle of a huge dining table upon big and small plates. It is her way of re-creating some of her fondest memories of people sitting around, eating and socialising. The Hampstead Kitchen has now evolved into a strong philanthropic entity that reflects Saima’s core beliefs of interfaith connectivity and global cultural outlook.