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Small Talk With Muna + Munadiah: What Has Race and Religion Got to Do With the Climate Crisis?

by in Identity on 5th February, 2021


“The global North does provide some solutions to the climate crisis – carbon offsetting and technology to mitigate the climate crisis, but a lot of that comes with risks for people around the world, like food security and impacting their livelihoods – so essentially, when solutions are seen through the global North, they’re solutions that just work for the global North and don’t work for the people that are impacted the most…” – Small Talk with Muna + Munadiah

Welcome to Small Talk, a podcast series delivering short, digestible episodes of some of the muslim community’s biggest and most hard hitting questions answered concisely by Muslim women who know their craft.

How are ideas about tackling climate change actually working against people of colour in the context of the current climate crisis? What is it about the climate change movement and initiatives like Extinction Rebellion, that makes climate change activism inaccessible to people of colour?

In this episode, we’re in conversation with Muna Suleiman and Munadiah Aftab about the global North’s impact on climate change, and how Islam and environmentalism are linked.

The climate crisis is trending with some urgency behind it, as some of the world’s poorest countries continue to suffer from the impact of CO2 emissions and consumption of the world’s resources. Without systemic change and a lack of education of the masses, the climate crisis is at a loss. Muna & Munadiah offer a keen insight into the world of activism, systemic corruption of the world’s resources and what our religion has to say about being stewards of the earth…

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