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Amaliah Free Media Training Programme – Apply Now!

by in Culture & Lifestyle on 21st February, 2020

Over the last 4 years, Amaliah has worked to create space online and offline for Muslim women to come together with the aim to amplify the voices of Muslim women. Through articles, podcasts, videos, our socials and events, Amaliah has platformed over 500 voices across a range of stories and narratives. We have also worked with leading companies like Waterstones, Lush and Pinterest to create meaningful moments for Muslim women that make us feel seen. We have been guided by the want to see Muslim speak on their own terms and not be boxed in by mainstream narratives.

As the political climate continues to normalise Islamophobia and bigotry we are now seeking to offer 10 Muslim women free media training with the aim to equip you with the skills to carve their own message and build a strong voice and resist the global politics that is sidelining Muslims.

This is a callout for Muslim women who are seeking to build up media and communications skills in order to own your own stories, narratives and amplify the work being done by Muslim women in a range of areas from community work, the arts, business, sport and much more.

The programme is taught by Shaista Aziz, a journalist and writer with over 20 years of experience working in and with media in the UK and internationally. Shaista has worked as a producer for the BBC, CNN in Pakistan, and a newsroom journalist for Al Jazeera and appeared across the media including as a presenter on the BBC Three documentary ‘A Nation Divided? The Charlie Hebdo Aftermath’, in which she visited France to find out why the country has become so divided, with young Muslims feeling alienated from mainstream society since the Charlie Hebdo shooting.

APPLICATION HERE, deadline Tuesday 25th February 2020, midnight


We are looking for Muslim women who are looking to build up their skills in order to get their message across. They may be:

  • Working on a project, campaign or idea that you want to get out there and want to be equipped with the relevant insight and understanding of being in media spaces

  • Pursuing a current or future interest in working within media

  • You would like to shed light on topics that you believe have not been given enough time in the media

  • You may be someone who has already been approached or recommended for media requests and would like to gain the skills and confidence in order to understand how to engage with media effectively and appropriately

Post programme we will be keeping in touch with the participants to help support with queries and to document the engagements they will go on to do. It is free to go through the programme, with thanks to our generous sponsors Yielders, Press Pad and generous individuals. If you would like to sponsor a place for a Muslim woman to go through the programme please email

If your application is shortlisted you will be asked for a £60 refundable deposit which will be refunded once you finish the programme, if you are unable to meet this requirement due to financial hardship please reach out to us upon being shortlisted.

We are particularly interested in seeing applications from those groups that are underrepresented or misrepresented including but not limited to, Black Muslims, Shia Muslims and those from the LGBTQ+ community. 

APPLICATION HERE, deadline Tuesday 25th February 2020, midnight

THE PROGRAMME 27th – 28th March 2020, London

Please note, if you are travelling from outside London, we may be able to cover your travel costs.

FRIDAY 5-8 pm: Meet + Greet
We will be taking some time to get to know you, facilitated by Shaista we will be exploring why you wanted to get media trained and what the key message is that you want to get out to the world.

SATURDAY 9-8 pm: Stories + Messages
Stories and Messages

  • How are stories framed by the media
  • Case studies on how stories have been framed
  • How do you develop a key message

Practical Scenarios

  • 1 on 1 scenario practice with Shaista Aziz for radio and tv on how to get your key message out, how to get a message in a short time, how to navigate difficult interviews and questioning

Social Media and Mental Health

  • We will be talking about social media, how to use social media and interact with media online, dragging culture and mental health online. 

Post Programme Support
Post programme we will be profiling the 10 participants on and our social channels. We also believe it is important for the cohort to be well networked in the media and will be providing network opportunities with producers and journalists at Metro, The Times and Channel 4 to name a few.


We are looking for individuals and organisations who would be interested in sponsoring a place for a Muslim woman to go through the programme. We currently have 5 spaces covered and are looking for 5 more sponsors to sponsor a place. The cost of one individual to go through the programme is £275 (+VAT). If you are interested in sponsoring one or more places or if you are interested in sponsoring a Muslim woman from your organisation to attend the training please get in touch on


Amaliah is dedicated to amplifying the voices of Muslim women. We believe that a media company that centres the voices of Muslim women is a powerful tool for cultural change. Through articles, videos, podcasts, our social channels, events and a community of over 300 contributors, our work seeks to surface the many different voices and experiences within our communities.

Amaliah Team

Amaliah Team

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