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11 Goal Setting Tips From the Amaliah Community

by in Culture & Lifestyle on 27th January, 2021

Each fortnight we put out a poll to the Amaliah Instagram community with the aim to find better answers for all of life’s obstacles, ideas for inspiration and celebrate a sense of sisterhood.

We have asked it all, from how where did you meet your bae, to travel and skincare tips, podcast and book recommendations, as well as practical advice on goal setting. As we come to the end of February, maybe “new year, new me” didn’t happen for you yet. To help us all along the way, his week we wanted to get your tips on goal setting. The Amaliah community did not disappoint, we’ve picked a few of our favs for you. Above all get your intentions set and make dua.

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Amaliah Team

Amaliah Team

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