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We Asked You to Help a Sis Out Who’s Away From Family This Ramadan and Here’s What You Shared

by in Identity on 23rd April, 2020


When we are stuck and in need of inspiration we always turn to the Amaliah Community on Instagram. You all always have some gems and wisdom to share, so when we saw Sammaya Afzal share via Twitter that it’s her first Ramadan without family we thought we’d ask you! Like many of us, we are spending this Ramadan very differently. The Amaliah community came through with suggestions and many sharing Ramadan has always been a lonely time and this Ramadan is no different. We’ve shared nine responses below.

1.” Reverts have a lot of wisdom to share on this topic 😅 Ramadan is getting back to its core this year: reflection, simplicity, Quran.”

2.”Us too! We were planning to back to Malaysia for Ramadan and Eid, but we’re not taking the risk and just preparing for the best here. We’ll be streaming a lot of Ramadan YouTube though just to be in the spirits and in shaa Allah trying to keep up with taraweh at home.”

3.”Researching more about what’s really going on behind the scenes (this is an exercise in how obedient we are to authority), and maybe attend an Open Iftar online (based in the UK). Hopefully fast this year, Inshallah.

4.”Insha’Allah, would fast, offer prayers, work on self development, stay happy without any expectations from anybody and be content! 🧕🏻🤘🏻💕💓”

5.”I’m in the same situation, I’m focusing on making the prayer and worship space a bit special with lights etc to prepare mentally for Ramadan”

6.”I am a convert and I spent the last 7 Ramadan mostly on my own. What really helped me was to start a routine, also, what I’m doing this year is making iftar party videocall with those friends that I know are alone. On social media, many scholars have organized Ramadan lectures and other activities and I have joined a couple of programs as well.”

7.”This is me every Ramadan without family lol. It’s really not that bad but then again I don’t have anything else to compare it to. Nonetheless, I’m grateful for every experience.”

8.”Back to basics sister.. fasting, worship, self-development – set yourself little goals throughout, video call your family when It’s time to break the fast.. make Eid boxes with little goodies to send your family if they’re nearby xx”

9.”Last year I actually had an “almost” quarantine, Ramadan. For the years leading up to 2019 I felt like many of my Ramadan were dedicated to making it worthy for my kids, having to show my face at the mosque etc. And last year I decided it was time to have a 1:1 with Allah for the whole month. I did 2 iftar/taraweeh at the mosque and the rest at home and it was life-changing. So I’m actually looking forward to having some special time alone with Allah and keep doing this even after Ramadan. It’s a chance to strengthen our bond with our Creator and get to truly know Him enshAllah.”

Amaliah Team

Amaliah Team

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