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Ramadan Children’s Books With Diverse Families and Characters

by in Identity on 2nd April, 2022

Ramadan now offers us so much choice in terms of resources for our children, decorations and reading material. I remember just a few years ago I would search high and low for the Ramadan book that we would read to explain Ramadan to my children and to build our little collection of Islamic books. For me, it has been so important to ensure that my child’s bookshelf is essentially decolonised and that it is reflective of the values we want to develop and learn about. Whilst the children are young it’s important that the books are filled with illustrations or pictures of children that my kids relate to or can learn from.

I always look for books that feature Black and brown characters and are set in countries far and wide. Ramadan is no different and it’s important that this happens in every home, we have a duty to ensure we raise our children to understand one another and respect one another and this can begin as early as the books they read. Here are a few books we have and plan to buy and existing books lists for Ramadan.

Amaliah Book lists for Children

Children’s Books With Black Girls

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The Proudest Blue by Ibtihaj Muhammad

Basirah the Basketballer

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Non-Profit Organisation to Increase Books With Female Muslim Characters in Libraries

Ramadan Around The World

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Hannah and the Ramadan Gift

A remarkable Ramadan

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Rashads Ramadan

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