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A Small Gentle Reminder to Myself to Keep Going This Ramadan

by in Ramadan on 11th May, 2020

“By the morning brightness, And by the night when it covers with darkness, Your Lord has not forsaken you, nor has He become displeased,” – {Surah Ad-Duha 93:1-3} 

The first day of Ramadan, as I was sitting at my laptop searching with an intention to find a Surah to learn during the month, these were the first verses I came across. What came with this is easy to describe – a feeling of profound resonation, comfort and hope. 

For me this felt like a sign. I, like many, am on an ongoing journey with my faith and look to Ramadan as an opportunity to explore that to the highest degree. This Ramadan is different for all of us in various ways and admittedly, my usual excitement about the coming month was clouded by slight apprehension. 

There were numerous factors leading up to the month that encouraged me to feel as though this Ramadan would be made memorable but coming across this particular Surah and these words on the first day truly struck a chord. How many of us have come across verses of the Quran that strike us at our very core? It was exactly what I needed to hear, right at the moment I needed to hear it. These verses are a comforting reminder to me, and to us all, of the virtues of the faith that we have, and the mercy shown to us. 

Faith is a word that carries much gravitas, and definitions vary from ‘complete trust or confidence in someone or something’ to ‘a strong belief’. As Muslims, faith or īmān is something that is integral to our lives. We are all united by the principle that our whole existence is based on the fact that we were created by our Lord, we are here by His will alone and Islam as a religion is a gift to us. 

The relationship we have with our faith is one that is lifelong and like many relationships, there are fluctuating highs and lows, ebbs, and flows. From the moment we are born we are to live a life navigating circumstances, situations, and experiences that have the capability to strengthen our faith or diminish it in its entirety. 

Throughout the course of our lives, it can be said that there will have been times when we have felt unsettled, discouraged, and doubtful regarding our own ability and the capacity of our faith. There are many facets of life that shape and mould us into the individuals we are today. Countless hardships, trials and tribulations are experienced in some form or another, by each and every person that has walked the earth – no one is exempt.

The differentiating factor is whether these circumstances and experiences bring us closer to our religion and our Lord, and whether we navigate these situations in a manner that contributes to the strengthening of our faith, something which many of us will agree is no easy feat.

It might be odd that I, in my early twenties, concede to the fleeting temperament of life. What may seem like a life not yet lived, through it I have experienced trauma, loss, grief, loneliness, and love, all in immeasurable magnitudes. Something that has been a constant, throughout each and every season of my life, has been faith.  

Many times I have faltered, the strength of my faith has wavered, and my trepidations have taken prominence, but with every experience that had plunged me into darkness, there has always been something innately pulling me towards the light. 

“And He found you lost and guided you,” – {Surah Ad-Duha 93:7} 

We are all at different levels of faith, our journeys and paths completely different from the next person. It can be difficult to notice the ways in which our very own pathway is subtly blooming, our growth and the direction we’re headed in as we compare to the journey and judgement of others. Our focus should be on our own individual relationship with our faith, and it’s important to acknowledge the blessing it is to possess the ability to work on fortifying it.  

It is known that perfection isn’t attainable, this means striving towards consistently progressing and improving is key. Becoming better than I was last year, last month and last week. 

At times it can seem like an overwhelming and constant uphill struggle, faced with test after test – but simply taking a moment to be still, to reflect and to recognise the moments of clarity and ease, the mercies we have been presented with and having complete belief in that by the will of Allah SWT things will get better, climbing the mount is made easier. Trusting the process is imperative. 

This Ramadan has been distinctively different, it has been tough and tranquil in equal measures and it has encouraged a progressive change in many ways. There is still so much I am yet to learn, and an ever-evolving list of ways to improve, and so with each small step, the journey continues.

Surah Ad-Duha was revealed at a time of distress to instill hope and positivity. A gentle reminder to keep going. 

As I sit here and reflect, I observe the heaviness that once occupied my heart with a fierce force is slowly dissipating – that in itself is a mercy. 

For those that feel dispirited, a reminder that through sincere intention and action, the smallest good deed could just weigh the heaviest. After all, with a religion that considers even a smile as an act of charity, how can we lose hope?



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