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Digital Deeds – 9 Projects to Donate to This Ramadan on LaunchGood

by in Culture & Lifestyle on 15th May, 2020


LaunchGood is filled with projects that are changing the world, from helping Muslims get an education to ensuring food and hygiene is delivered in areas of conflict. Here are some of our favourite projects!

As we are trying to make the most of the last 10 days, you can automate your donations with LaunchGood to increase your chances of your donation falling on the blessed night of Laylatul Qadr. While automating your donation may feel a bit new age and a stark contrast to dropping a few coins in the mosque donation box, if you set your intention, you can get the reward for donating while you focus on other acts of worship!

This article is sponsored* by LaunchGood as we try and raise awareness of the brilliant project they are hosting this Ramadan.

You can find out more about their automated and single donations here

1. Teach New Muslims their Deen — The Bissau Project

Provide Islamic Education for new Muslims, Eid packs, Iftaar and Suhoor every day.


Guinea-Bissau is one of the world’s poorest and most unstable nations. In that country, almost 2,000 people from one of the most remote and untouched villages in Guinea-Bissau have already accepted Islam. The numbers keep growing, and right now, you could help sponsor 3,000 villagers and their education, and livelihood.

Your generous donation will allow The Bissau Project to continue our hard work well into the future by creating long-term means of sustenance for the various tribes, Islamic educational resources, and teachers for the different villages.

Donate Here

2. Support The Next Generation of Muslim Leaders

FOSIS has been providing support to Islamic Societies and the general Muslim student population, providing guidance, training, services and mentorship.

Their mission is to strengthen society by fostering a God-conscious and nurturing environment for Muslim students, through a journey of development, faith inspired activism and advocacy.

Donate Here

3. Support Those Suffering From Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence cases are on the rise. Calls to national helplines have gone up by 50%.

Ramadan with Nour

There have already been so many cases of women killed in the lockdown that are suspected or confirmed cases of domestic abuse-related deaths. Muslim women often find it difficult to reach out to mainstream services. Ramadan is the month when we see a spike in the requests for help, sadly. Your money can help our charity keep running for another year so we can provide critical services to those in need.

Donate Here

4. Help Build a School in Nigeria

TBMG are raising money for an Islamic School in Nigeria.

TBMG Launchgood

This new school project is to ensure every child receives the right and adequate level of education to go on and change the world, go on and better our Ummah, for us, for them and for those to come! They are just less than £900 away from reaching their target!

Donate Here

5. Support and Inspire Muslims to get closer to Allah

Do you want to help Muslims get closer to Allah?

Help change the lives of young Muslims and their families. Transform their mental and spiritual growth, enabling them to become productive social change-makers.

Your donations will support the following Faith Inspire projects:

– Digital Online and Da’wah Programmes

– Youth Leadership Programme

– Summer and Winter Camps

– Community Companions

– Supporting the 8th East London Scouts

Donate Here

6. Iftar for Gaza 

This Ramadan, provide a hot iftar meal for vulnerable people impacted by the quarantine with little access to food.


The situation is particularly severe in Gaza, where the health system has been undermined by ongoing conflict, the blockage, internal political divide, chronic power deficit and shortages in specialised staff, medicines and equipment.

Vulnerable segments in society are facing the hardest times. Your donation will provide hot iftar meals to those in need. You could provide 10 people with a hot iftar for £30.

Donate Here

7. Help To Keep These Mosques In Glasgow Open

Our Mosques are not just places to pray. They are places to learn. They are places to grow. They are places to connect – with each other and with Allah.

However, for the first time in history – mosques around the world are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While businesses and charities are being bailed out by governments and banks – who will bail our the Houses of Allah?

#SupportOurMosques is our chance to fundraise for our local mosques.

Donate Here

8. Help Build The Roof of This Mosque in America

The W.D Mohammed Islamic Center in America is trying to renovate to become a beautiful place of worship.


Your donation will help with the expenses associated with renovating the building to include the roof and new carpet for the prayer hall.

“When a man passes away, his good deeds will also come to an end except for three: Sadaqah Jariyah, a knowledge which is beneficial, or a virtuous descendant who prays for the deceased.”

Narrated by Abu Hurairah, Sahih Muslim

Donate Here

9. Help Build a School and Masjid in Bangladesh

In this rural part of Sylhet (Modo Nogor village, Tana Taher Pur), hundreds of people have no access to a prayer space and young children do not have a proper schooling system.


Here’s what the completed project will, through Allah’s grace and your support, look like

Imagine being the first to establish a Masjid in this part of the world and empowering children through education? The total of £40,000 being raised that includes a Masjid which facilitates for up to 300 congregants and a school that caters for boys and girls years 1-5, accommodating 250 students in total.

Donate Here

Amaliah does not endorse any of these charities, please do your own due diligence and research when giving. Some of the copy has been taken from the individual campaigns on LaunchGood.

*Every now and then we partner with companies to bring you sponsored content, this helps us keep going at Amaliah. We strive to ensure we maintain the same editorial integrity that keeps you engaged in our non-sponsored content.

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