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Two Sense; Muslim Women + the Graveyard Dilemma, Greenhouse Houses + Youtube Islam

by in Podcast on 18th May, 2020

twosenseWelcome back to our fortnightly Two Sense series, in which Selina, Nafisa + Sara,  hit the roundtable to put their two cents on 4 subjects they’d each like to unpack and debate as being either overrated or underrated, making sense of everything from the mundane to the taboo and giving way to often useful and layered perspectives.

This week the ladies are bringing in the overrated category:


  • Cancelling yourself for having a bad ramadan before it’s even over!


  • Ornamental plants; Your aloe vera’s and your rubber trees – turn your house into a greenhouse instead! 
  • Feel good factor Islam / Yutube islam


Quarantine has pushed some people into hobby making + new skills – being ‘talented’ is finding its way out…

This week the ladies are bringing in the underrated category:


  • The impact of the patriarchy and how it impacts how we navigate our deen as Muslim women, using the example of Muslim women being prohibited from visiting the dead. 


  • The Deen doesn’t require a homogenous personality.


A book recommendations list for the last 10 nights of Ramadan:

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