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Two Sense Podcast; It’s Okay to See Your Friends Once a Year

by in Podcast on 30th October, 2020

So many of us have had the opportunity to reflect on our relationships during the lockdown period of 2020, as the question of visiting each other was suddenly pulled out of the equation…

For Nafisa, seeing a good and cherished friend once a year, about the same we might get out of a lockdown period, is a good and mutual understanding between her and her friend – and so this week, Nafisa, Selina and Sara are talking about why we need to normalising seeing our friends infrequently.

If you have a big circle, it can be hard to juggle the responsibilities afforded to adult life, as well as a Hollywood version of ‘together friendship’ and matching wardrobes.

Misconceptions about what a friendship is supposed to look like can be dangerous, especially when it’s projected onto multiple individual friendships, instead of assessing the needs of each and holding them respectfully.

Catch the ladies talking about this at length on the virtual roundtable, as well as this week’s overrated/underrated! If you haven’t listened to one of our #twosense episodes before – it works like this. Nafisa, Selina and Sara each bring two subjects that they believe are overrated or underrated to the virtual roundtable to unpack and debate and leave for our listeners to do the same.

This week in the overrated category:


  • The energy brought to Khabib’s success and the association with raging masculinity.
  • Hijab – The all or nothing sentiment


  • Passing off your opinion as Islamic law…
  • Adult Books – returning to children’s books to get your dose of life’s wisdoms…

In the underrated category:


  • Normalising seeing your friends once a year
  • To be continued next episode….


  • To be continued next episode….



  • A special announcement…

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