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TWO SENSE Q+ a Podcast; What Would You Say to Your Pre-Corona Self?

by in Culture & Lifestyle on 5th July, 2020


*Trigger Warning* Some readers may find content in this article related to the covid-19 pandemic distressing.

What would you say to the version of yourself that existed before lockdown?

Would you give yourself some advice to help you get through?

Would you make sure you cherish more time with your loved ones?

Would you get ready to start on that thing you’ve always wanted to do?

Would you prepare yourself for a spiritual transformation?

Would you remind yourself to do more, and do better to be a service to others during this time?

Would you prepare yourself to experience a sense of loss, in more ways than one?

No doubt, many of us have reflected on what life was like before lockdown, and what we would have done differently during this period if we knew it was coming. 

For some, lockdown has felt like a ‘cocooning’ period, a space where  transformation has been taking place. It will have been difficult and painful growing from the experiences there, but ultimately they’ll be emerging from this period a different person – some with internal changes, some with physical and some with both.

It may have been because they confronted those bad habits they’ve always put off doing something about, or that they’ve discovered what brings them joy or what does the opposite. It may have been because the experience has been about survival, getting from one day to the next digesting the events they didn’t see coming, or were out of their control.

For others, the lockdown measures have barely impacted their lifestyle choices, and life as they knew it continues with few adjustments.

Whichever camp we fall into, we’ve all had to do some reflecting about where we are in order to arrive there, and that in itself is transformative. So, what would you say to the version of yourself that existed before the lockdown?

Selina, Nafisa and Sara each write notes to their pre-corona selves at the two sense virtual roundtable, in their first two sene q+a episode, where they’re answering all of your questions, thoughts and topics for the first time. They also answer your questions on loneliness, the struggle to wear the hijab, and what it’s like to grieve a spiritual friendship.

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