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Eid Sweet Treats Inspo 2020 – Physical Distancing, Spiritually Connecting

by in Ramadan on 22nd May, 2020

With the sunny bank holiday ahead, some of us maybe will be keen to head to the park to relax, sunbathe or have a picnic, a much-needed respite after being in lockdown!

I reckon this Eid is going to be different when it comes to Eid sweet treats for the day. I know that I have struggled to get flour in my shopping basket so I thought I’d get creative with my Eid bake and sweet treats. Every year the non-baker in me loves to browse Pinterest for Inspo on what I would like a loved one who’s good at baking to bake for me. Whilst I may not be a baker (in my daughter’s opinion, I am a terrible baker), I am an expert cake eater and can spot a yummy cake with ease! Here’s a rundown of Eid Dessert Inspo from past Eids and I have also included no flour, butter, or egg alternatives for those of you unable to get your full shopping list items. Some of our favourites are the pressed flower shortbread biscuits and this Ghulab Jamun Cheesecake – it’s a show stopper.

Remember to keep to the rules when you do go out, which will help to protect us, our friends and families, so we can enjoy and have a safe Eid. We can do this by keeping 2m apart from anyone outside of our household and washing hands thoroughly as soon as we arrive back home. Keeping local and walking or cycling, if you do go out, will avoid the need to use public transport too.

These are easier than they look, they can double up as decorations too:

Fruit platters are brilliant sweet treats

For more information from the government, visit

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