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3 Things to Do on Eid – Physical Distancing, Spiritually Connecting

by in Ramadan on 18th May, 2020

It’s been a different Ramadan for us all this year, and hopefully a once in a lifetime moment. While the lockdown has brought a number of challenges for us all and meant that we have had to spiritually connect in different ways, it has also brought out the creativity in us all and goodwill. Over Ramadan, we’ve seen incredible online video series to help us spiritually connect, charity fundraisers to make sure we can still give with ease and online community spirit reminding us that we are in it together.

With the sunny bank holiday ahead, some of us may be keen to head to the park to relax, sunbathe or have a picnic, a much-needed respite after being in lockdown! Remember to keep to the rules when you do go out, which will help to protect us, our friends and families, so we can enjoy and have a safe Eid. We can do this by keeping 2m apart from anyone outside of our household and washing hands thoroughly as soon as we arrive back home. Keeping local and walking or cycling, if you do go out, will avoid the need to use public transport too.

While we won’t be going to the mosque to pray, house hopping filling up on feasts and goodies, getting Eid money in person and trying to still figure out how many hugs it is, we can still enjoy the blessing of Eid and find ways to connect with our loved ones and celebrate Eid!

  1. Play a team game with your family in the park!
  2. Do a zoom treasure hunt with members of your family. You simply create a list of 10 household items like scissors, hairbrush and coffee and then create a riddle for each! It’s a fun and interactive way to connect with family members of all ages, especially if you’re feeling a little video called out!
  3. Go for a drive, a scenic walk or bike ride in the many woodlands around the UK. There are a number of walking trails and treasures that we take for granted.

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