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Easy Eid Bake With Kids – Physical Distancing, Spiritually Connecting

by in Ramadan on 22nd May, 2020

While we won’t be having huge family gatherings as we continue social distancing, you can spread the love by dropping off biscuits to neighbours (of course while distancing)!

We’ve been inspired by all of Anisa’s cooking over Ramadan, here’s a recipe for an easy Eid bakes! This is a brilliant way to engage small children in Eid preparations. For bonus points why not video call a family member and cook along together or even go for a virtual bake-off!

With the sunny bank holiday ahead, some of us may be keen to head to the park to relax, sunbathe or have a picnic, a much-needed respite after being in lockdown! Remember to keep to the rules when you do go out, which will help to protect us, our friends and families, so we can enjoy and have a safe Eid. We can do this by keeping 2m apart from anyone outside of our household and washing hands thoroughly as soon as we arrive back home. Keeping local and walking or cycling, if you do go out, will avoid the need to use public transport too.


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I just wanted to pop-up on your feed to say I hope you're having a lovely Ramadan so far…. And to remind you to stay home, stay safe. Part of this can be done by making the most of Ramadan while you're at home. As a Muslim Mother & Wife, I want to embrace this new normal in a positive light, let's take it as an opportunity and think how beneficial it can be for us. We finally have a Ramadan where we can focus on ourselves, family and of course Ramadan itself properly. I want to wish you all a blessed Ramadan and hope you're enjoying the extra time with your family as much as we are. Stay home, stay safe, stay blessed. Ameen 🙏 ❤️ – #Partner #PhysicalDistancingSpirituallyConnecting #VirtualRamadan #RamadanatHome #AD

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