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4 Last Minute Eid Gifts You Can Make, Forage or Find

by in Lifestyle on 30th July, 2020

This year I’ve again not planned to buy my Eid gifts, I wanted to avoid one of the major last minute ordering websites that I have become reliant on and to be honest I am that person that usually leaves it to the week before. This Eid though I’m last minute, it’s with purpose as I am making a few Eid gifts for my family and not spending much over £5 for it all either. Last Eid my sister gifted me plant cuttings and theres something special about homemade, handmade or home grown gifting!


Tis the time to forage for fruit and eat. If you’ve been taking daily walks and have come across rows of Blackberry bushes now is the time to pick them. Yesterday I spent the day filling a small tub up with Blackberries, hawthorn berries and elderberries which I have turned into jam. You may find apples on walks too that can be turned into chutneys and apple crumbles as they tend to be tart!

Tote Bag

Cleaning our wardrobes in lockdown? You can turn old dress fabric into tote bags or pin cushions to keep hijab pins safe! Tote bags are re-usable and a lovely gift for every shopper. If you have a sewing machine this will be a pretty easy project. I have made a tote bag by hand stitching but its only to hold a fe light items.

Freshly picked foliage/flowers

Our recent Two sense podcasts featured a small discussion about the carbon footprint flowers leave and had some of the Amaliah community wondering what the next best option was.

  • Orchids
  • Potted plants
  • Seeds and pretty pots
  • Cuttings from your own plants
  • Mixed long grass bouquet

Nafisa’s Homegrown cuttings

Tray bakes and Cakes

This is a full proof plan folks. If all the above terrifies you then get out the flour and eggs and start baking!

Selina Bakkar

Selina Bakkar

I'm a simply striving to be better and improve in different areas of my life through more self awareness, experiences and learning more about the deen. You'll find me talking about community, connection, planting & growing, seeking the truth in an age of propaganda and misinformation. This year I want to document more to do with food heritage and history so watch this space or reach out. Have a listen to the Amaliah Voices podcast where I talk passionately about Islam, nature, motherhooding and back home. Link in bio peeps. To join the Amaliah Writer Community email me at IG: SelinaBakkar