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Amaliah Presents: Notes From Nature – In Partnership With Dove × Refinery29

by in Lifestyle on 26th November, 2020

This article is in partnership with Dove x Refinery29 find out more about their work here*

Taking time to nurture ourselves, the earth and those around us feels more pressing than ever. Over this year, nature and the outdoors have been safe havens for many of us as we have navigated lockdowns and a year like no other.

One of the exciting partnerships we have this year is with Dove and Refinery29 as part of their self-service campaign. Together, we followed the footsteps of women in the Amaliah community and talked about the wisdom that nature can give us on being guardians of the earth, investing in yourself, confidence + self-esteem. Self-Service celebrates the connection between women investing in themselves and investing in others, and the positive impact that has not only on their self-esteem, but the communities and environment they live in.

We documented their personal relationships with nature, each one different and unique but threaded together by personal reflections on growth, confidence and faith. Dove cares about all women, female-identifying and non-binary people. We want to redefine beauty standards and help everyone experience beauty and body image positively. We care about how we make our products and what goes into them, about the impact we have on our planet and how we can strive for a better, more sustainable way of being.

From understanding what we can learn from bees and building communities to how trees and flowers teach us to stand tall and not compare ourselves. The central message being that we all grow and flourish at our own pace in our own way. A reminder that self-confidence is nurtured in different ways and we can strive to find our own path and way.

“If you were to go to a garden, a red rose would not compare itself with a sunflower, because they are just totally two different flowers.” @selina_bakkar

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Selina, a gardener, reminds us that our faith asks us to start everything with good intentions to plant new seeds physically and metaphorically with ‘Bismillah.’ As we scatter seeds, however small the growth, we can all still look to the future and be hopeful.

“Every bee has a role to play and every bee is important.” Eman

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Eman is a teacher and beekeeper who took up beekeeping after a friend encouraged her. Eman reminds us of the importance of valuing each, in the ways that bees do and how that mindset can help us achieve more together. Eman’s journey also reminds us to seek new experiences and not see any pursuit as out of reach.

“If you look at the tree and you look at how the tree is so comfortable in its form. It teaches us how we should be with ourselves” by @greendeen_tribe

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We also hear from Rabiah and Sakinah from Green Deen Tribe about how nature can inspire us to stand tall and be ourselves, just as we are. That nature is full of teachings on how to be confident through an appreciation of our whole self, just as we are. 

So as the season changes around us, literally and metaphorically, take note of your growth, the ways you have bloomed, and continue planting those seeds. 

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Thank you to @greendeen_tribe + @__emanyusuf + @selinabakkar.


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