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The Motive, Week II, Why Not Go for a Day Trip to Cambridge?

by in Lifestyle on 24th March, 2022

Cambridge mosque

This week in The Motive, why not go for a day trip to Cambridge? There’s plenty to do in this historical, picturesque city. 🚣🏽‍♀️

You can visit the @cambridgecentralmosque. Winning many awards for its architectural innovation, it’s Europe’s first eco friendly mosque. For food we recommend stopping by @gigglingsquid, a Thai restaurant with vibrant, flavoursome halal dishes and gorgeous interiors! Mill Road has lots more halal options, including @littlepetrauk. A walkable city, with lots of local landmarks / attractions that can be visited in a day… it’s the perfect weekend escape! 💃🏻

A Deeper Look at the Cambridge Eco Mosque

“From the solar panels and glass on the roof flooding the space with natural light to the wooden structures made to replicate an internal tree structure, there is a sense that the mosque, like a Muslim’s life, is rooted in nature.

There is a beautiful simplicity in the design, grey carpet with underfloor heating, acquired with donations raised by Cambridge’s local youth charity Al Ansaar, covers the floor. The surrounding aesthetic of the mosque is based on the idea of preservation – of the community and nature. Funding for the mosque has been based on resourcefulness and a spiritual connection with nature, as proceeds from a nature meditation trip were given to the trust.”

Read full article by Majida Begum on the Cambridge Eco Mosque

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