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14 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Black Friday Deals

by in Culture & Lifestyle on 24th November, 2022

Black Friday is here, and it seems to have started earlier this year. While this day has been critiqued for overindulgence in consumerism, given the backdrop of a cost of living crisis it can be a great time to save money on purchases whilst being mindful of your spending.

Here are some tips crowdsourced from the Amaliah team, community and friends on how to make the most of Black Friday sales

Tips to Make the Most of Black Friday Sales

1. Use

This is an Amazon price tracker, to see the price history of an item to verify if it is actually a genuine deal or not, as it can be hard to differentiate between a genuine sale and a scam.

Another tip is to buy the product and hold onto it to see if the price drops further during the festive season. Many companies increase their returns policy to 60 days around this time, so waiting out to see if there are further reductions across Christmas and New Years can be a good shout! 

2. Follow the ‘One In – One Out’ Rule

“If I am buying a want rather than a need, I always donate first the equivalent amount, that rule usually regulates me so I am not being excessive.”

It is easy to go for impulse buys in Black Friday, assessing if the item you intend to purchase is a want or need is a great way to stay mindful. 

3. Ask Yourself If You Need the Item You’re Buying

The motto to go by this year when buying as finances get tighter seems to be: “If you need the item, it’s a saving. If you buy it because it’s on sale, you’ve not saved anything.”


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4. Consider Stocking Up on Your Regular Buys 

From beauty products to health supplements to nappies and cleaning products, Black Friday is a good opportunity to stock up on things that you know you will be buying again in the next 6 months or so.

5. Use the £1 a Day Rule 

Maiya in our team uses the £1 rule to decide on a purchase:

I use the £1 a day rule for most things, if I deduct £1 for everyday I use it and will make use of the full cost I would buy it. Such as if I spend £40 on a dress I would be prepared to wear it 40 times over its life course (with the exception of occasion wear).

Sara’s Picks

Cos Wool Coat

North Face Fleece Jacket

6. Focus on High Value Items 

Black Friday is a great time to buy high value items, in particular electronics that you were already planning to buy.

7. Support Small Businesses 

Zara, founder of delhicious says she shops from small businesses as she knows they could do with the support. She also uses this time as an opportunity to buy things that are investments into her kids Islamic education. 

Hajer’s Picks 

Suitcase Set

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Brushes 

The Oridinary Skincare Set

8. Buy Gifts

Know what you want to get close friends and family for key celebrations? This can be a great time to get those buys in. 

9. Give Yourself a Budget 

Maiya says, “I give myself a budget which I usually go over when I am buying online. But I go through things when they arrive and return what I don’t need or want to stay within that!”

Nafisa’s Picks 

Silk pillow cases 

Clothes Steamer

10. Investment Items 

These are your high quality pieces that you expect to keep for 5-10 years, or until they are totally worn out. For clothing, think essentials like a warm jacket or items for your capsule wardrobe or kitchen items like a blender. The key here is to focus on timeless items that you will get a good deal on.

11. Look out for Flight and Hotel Black Friday deals

Many airlines and hotel providers offer great discounts this time of year which is perfect for those looking to plan a getaway on a budget. However, be wary of “false” deals where websites may sometimes list a higher pre-sale price that they never charged in the first place to try and convince you that there has been a genuine price drop. One of the best way to get around this is to use Google’s price insights tools for hotels and flights which shows you how how prices evolve over time for average hotel rates for the dates and destination of your trip. Simply search for a flight or hotel and click the Insights button for more details.

12. Buy Necessities 

Replace anything that is broken or buy things you really need that will last

13. Grab the Things You’ve been Wanting But Didn’t Necessarily Need

“Treating myself is important but you have to be smart about it during financial strains because a new coffee machine isn’t exactly essential. Keeping a wish list on your favourite shopping apps & putting money aside during the year allows a Black Friday spend to be super rewarding. I’m not sure if I’ve literally just given myself the best reason to buy the things I’ve been wanting all year, but once my key favourites have gone down in price, why not?!

On the topic of “coffee machines” I really did treat myself after budgeting hard all year. Of course I didn’t want to break the bank when I have a perfectly good working kettle at home, but as someone who loves coffee and spends a lot of time in the kitchen, I definitely did deserve it. Some may think this isn’t an investment but when you consistently purchase ‘coffees on the go’ it works out being the perfect investment piece. ameenaroshae

14. Shop to Your Saved Lists

I would say go back to your saved list and the things you really want and think about cost per wear instead of just buying whatever looks good – Tahmina Begum

Nafisa Bakkar

Nafisa Bakkar

Co-founder and CEO at Amaliah Find her @nafisabakkar on IG and Twitter