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Ramadan Reflections: I See You My Father, My Beloved Father Messenger of Allah ﷺ

by in Ramadan on 17th April, 2023

A poem from the perspective of Fatima al-Zahra

Fatima al-Zahra (RA) is known as one of the four women who had perfected her faith.  She was born at the time of revelation and witnessed the periods of hardship her family faced experiencing the challenges and difficulties that came with her father’s Prophethood .  As her beloved mother Khadija (RA) passed away and her sisters were in their own homes, Fatima (RA) was left tending to the wounds of her beloved father and comforting him when he would face daily persecution in Makkah, playing the role her mother would have played.  

I often wonder how Fatima (RA) may have felt in those times.  Whilst we get to hear about the Sahabiyat being courageous in helping to spread Islam, we rarely get to hear about their thoughts and emotions and the levels of resilience they had to reach.    

Whilst I am unaware of what Fatima (RA) was thinking or feeling at these times I can only imagine as a daughter the heart breaking as well as the delightful moments she experienced as she was by her father’s side until his passing. From this short poem we can remind ourselves of the importance of possessing feminine qualities such as unconditional love, tenderness and empathy:

I see you, my father, as your radiance illuminates everyone around you.  When I watch you enlighten others my heart is full of admiration and love for you.  

I see you, my father, and your humility in front of Allah.  It inspires me to be humble in front of Him and perfect my faith.  

I see you, my father, with the responsibilities and task of spreading the message of Islam and my heart feels heavy for you.  I put my arms around you in the stillness of the night and reassure you Allah is always protecting you.  

I see you, my father, and the way you are disrespected and humiliated by your own community.  I hold back tears as I clean up your wounds knowing my crying in front of you would hurt more than your physical pain.  

I see you, my father, as you gently wipe away my tears, placing your soft hands on my cheeks, kissing my forehead, bringing me much comfort.  

I see you, my father, and the way you comb my hair.  Gently pulling out the tugs of hair with your blessed hands, taking care to ensure I don’t flinch.  

I see you, my father, as you have guided my sisters and me, becoming a single parent for us.  Fulfilling the role of a mother as well as being our father.  

I see you, my father, and the fondness and respect you have for Ali (RA).  I am overjoyed to share my love between you both.     

I see you, my father, and the victory of your message spreading far and wide.  I am honoured to be your daughter.  

I see you, my father, as you take your last breath.  How do I go on without you by my side? My only desire is to join you soon where I can feel your warm embrace again.

I see you, my father, my beloved father, Messenger of Allah      

Aaisha Mukhtar

Aaisha Mukhtar

Aaisha is a senior quantity surveyor working in the construction industry. She believes the key to a successful life is nourishing the mind, body and soul using Quranic and Prophetic practices as well as secular practices to enhance our understanding of ourselves and our connection to Allah. In her spare time she makes her own raw chocolate filled medjool dates and other refined sugar free snacks IG: @majesticmedjewels