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Must-Have Apps, Resources, and Spaces for a Transformative Islamic New Year!

by in Fun on 11th July, 2023

Our phones have become a central part of our everyday existence. They are not just for calling or texting anymore. In recent years, smartphones have evolved into versatile tools that help us in almost every area of our lives!  From instant news updates and checking weather forecasts, to effortless expense tracking and meticulously organised calendars, there are so many apps and resources designed to make everything more convenient. 

With the ever-evolving technology landscape, numerous apps and platforms have emerged to provide valuable support, guidance, and connection for Muslim women.

As we enter the new Islamic year, we bring to you a curated selection of trusted resources, providing opportunities for empowerment, knowledge, and community.

Whether you seek to deepen your understanding of Islam, engage in self-care practices, or connect with like-minded individuals, these apps, resources and spaces are ready to enrich your journey throughout the new Islamic year and beyond. 


MuslimahThis app, launched in 2020, was born from founder Aysha’s struggle of finding a space to pray as a Muslimah. The focal feature of the app is that it helps you locate your nearest mosque or prayer space, and also signals if the space is female friendly! It is perfect for us Muslimahs on the go, finding a place to pray to ensure our activities don’t hinder our salah.  

Guider: The Guider App is an educational app with bite-sized Islamic content to help Muslims get closer to Allah and improve their deen everyday. To use the app, you select a goal that suits your aims, for example, you can select “To live my life by the Qur’an”. Then, you are given daily content to help you reach your goal, such as lessons from the Qur’an or practical guides on how to improve your salah. For those of us with busy schedules, the audio feature on certain topics is perfect for listening on the go! The simple and easy usability, as well as the organised structure of this app makes it stand out in the growing category of Islamic apps available.

Our Tied Camel: This free web application is a productivity workspace, where you can track your tasks, prayers and goals in one place. This app brings together amazing features such as a daily salah tracker, a pomodoro timer and a daily to-do list. This app combines aspects of Islamic, professional and academic productivity tools, perfect for Muslim students and professionals to prioritise and stay on top of their workload in regards to their deen and dunya!

Quranly: This app helps Muslims learn the basics of the Qur’an and build their skills. One of the exciting features is the Hasanat counter, which counts the (estimated) number of rewards you are getting for all the letters you recite!

In addition to the Quran habit building feature, Quranly also has an “Explore” page, where Quranic gems on various themes are shared. You can also add friends on the app and share your progress! 

Quranic: Quran Arabic Learning: Quranic is a fantastic app for learning Arabic words that come up in the Qur’an. With a simple and engaging format akin to that of the language learning app Duolingo, Quranic gives small daily activities to help you learn new Arabic words. The activities are centred around Quran verses, and the first 500 words you learn make up 80% of the Quran!

Resources and Spaces 

In addition to convenient apps, it is also important to build and foster communities that will enhance our lives socially and spiritually. These community spaces and resources are perfect if you’re looking to connect with people who have similar interests and religious goals!


Faith Space UK: Faith Space UK is a global community of Muslims that connect through various seminars, events and trips centred around improving your deen and building brotherhood and sisterhood amongst the members. Faith Space also has seminars, tafsir classes and Qur’an study, helping members improve their relationship with the Qur’an! 

The Ukhtis AmanahBased in South East London, The Ukhtis Amanah is a youth group for Muslimahs, where various activities and meet-ups are hosted around London. This group focuses on creating a sisterhood to facilitate fulfilling the commandments of Allah (Exalted is He). They also provide youth mentoring, providing a safe space for Muslims girls to share their thoughts. Their recent events included Ramadan Jummah Tour around various masjids in London, and a charity event for sisters to fundraise and rejuvenate their souls. They regularly announce their upcoming events on their instagram.

The TA Collective: Previously My Mosque Story, The TA collective is a group which aims to build a community of women who love Allah. This collective centres around Muslim women sharing their experiences at mosques in Britain, helping Muslim women understand which mosques do or do not facilitate for Muslim women to improve their deen and relationship with Allah. For the first time, The TA collective will be holding a Hadeeth series program ”Footsteps of the Beloved”  where every week, sisters will be exploring a variety of topics and hadith relating to it. Best part is that it is an online program, so you can access it from anywhere!

CEI: CEI is a community oriented network helping build a sense of togetherness through spreading knowledge for both adults and children. They  hold regular classes throughout the academic year, mainly located in London and Crawley. Their programs include classes on Fiqh, Aqeedah and Hadith. CEI also holds annual events including Taraweeh and Iftar, as well as an annual walk.

Rabata: Rabata is a North American Islamic organisation which aims to build a better society through the educational and spiritual development of women by women, amplifying the female voice in scholarship and publishing, and graduating teachers and religious leaders ready to serve their communities. They have an extensive variety of resources and programs like retreats, halaqas and the Ribaat Academic Institute to help cultivate a new generation of female Islamic Scholars.


Emerald Network: The Emerald Network is a Muslim Professionals social network, aiming to create beneficial connections through events and collaborations. Their calendar social events, charity work and Eid celebrations help Muslim professionals come together and network in a faith-conscious environment.

The Girls Club Events: The Girls Club is a group based in London who hold a variety of events for Muslim women. From Iftars to a Glitz & Glam themed dinner, they help build a community of sisters through their themed events and giveaways.

Hawaa Empowerment: Hawaa Empowerment is a non-profit organisation dedicated to aiding Muslim women feel empowered and excel. They support Muslim women, boost their self-confidence and equip them with the tools for a better sense of self worth. They achieve this goal through a variety of events and gatherings which include a workshop called “Lets Talk”, which provides members a safe space to speak about taboo topics and find proactive solutions to problems they are facing. Hawaa Empowerment also holds charity events and provides sanitary products to less fortunate women. Their events combine building a community and sisterhood for Muslim women, while also raising awareness on pressing issues faced by them.

Muslim Women Connect: Muslim Women Connect is a UK wide organisation that enables women to attain success and fulfilment by overcoming barriers. This organisation helps women by creating a network and providing mentoring and training opportunities. The focus is on building a community, ensuring justice in all of their services and events, advocating for and supporting Muslim women.

Green Deen Tribe: Green Deen Tribe is a UK non-profit organisation which focuses on reviving Islam’s connection with nature and the environment. Their principles include balance, Tawhid, stewardship and dhikr. Green Deen Tribe regularly hosts retreats and various events to help Muslims forge a connection with nature and the environment and create a greater awareness of the importance of protecting our Earth.


The Wanderlust Women: The Wanderlust Women is a Muslimah hiking and expedition group, which hosts retreats and expeditions for Muslim women. The group aims to normalise the visibility of Muslim women in the great outdoors. Founded in 2020 by Amira the Wanderlust, this group now hosts hikes, excursions and retreats throughout the year in the UK and abroad. Their social media also features inspiring content on the identity of Muslimahs through the hijab and niqab, as well as reflections of self-discovery, reinforcing the importance of sisterhood and community at The Wanderlust Women! They recently released a film called “Sisterhood” which explores Wanderlust Women’s recent expeditions, and their incredible achievement of being the first British Muslim female only group to summit Toubkal.

Asra Club: Asra club is a community of Muslim women focused on sports and wellness. Through frequent sport events and gatherings, Asra aims to ensure Muslim women can become athletes and improve their wellness without needing to compromise on their faith. Aside from the main running club at Asra, their other work includes online programs, yoga and various media projects to expand the brand and influence of Asra club. The group also holds charity events and meet and greets, establishing the Islamic values of community and philanthropy.  Asra Club also provides consulting for various brands and companies in the sports industry to ensure appropriate representation of Muslim women in spaces which have previously alienated us.

Cycle Sisters: Cycle Sisters is a network that brings together Muslim women’s cycle groups in London. They encourages Muslimahs of all backgrounds to start cycling with their community events and cycling lessons. Their aim is to address inequalities in cycling and meet the needs of Muslim women cyclists. Cycle Sisters also provide support and inclusivity for Muslim women cyclists through their work with local and nationalist cyclist groups to give Muslim women cyclists a voice on a national level.

Skater Uktis: Skater Uktis is a community to connect Muslim female skaters from all over the world. They work to bring positive change in society by helping members develop personally and spiritually  through charity work, community activities and volunteering. They host various events such as “Spiritual Sesh”- online halaqas with guests speaking on a variety of spiritual topics.

These are just a few of the online resources, apps and spaces available for us as Muslim women to foster our personal growth and well-being. I hope this is a beneficial introduction into the amazing world of Islam-focused communities and uses of technology. With the recent exponential growth of the digital realm, these apps and resources are proof of Muslimahs taking matters into their own hands and creating the change they want to see in the world. The world of tech is here to stay offering an abundance of resources to us Muslimahs. With such a wealth of opportunities at our fingertips, there is no excuse to not fully embrace and utilise them to enhance our lives!

Amira Ahmed

Amira Ahmed

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