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How to Be Spiritually Productivity

by in Soul on 10th July, 2016


How to be a spiritually productive Muslim! Part Two

In my first article, I introduced The Productive Muslim book to readers and discussed the need for productivity that comes from a spiritual perspective.

I also mentioned the three concepts that Faris believes are a source of barakah for the Productive Muslim which is what I will develop on in this article.

1. Spiritual energy

This is the energy and motivation that comes from drawing closer to Allah. Faris states that our spiritual energy is derived from numerous sources, but the three sources that I focused on were:

• Taqwa (God-consciousness) – Understanding that no matter where you are, Allah is All-Aware. Building this mindfulness in our private life and public life as a consistent practice, leads to our character being strengthened and thus increases our spiritual energy.
• Ihsan (Excellence) – Holding yourself to a standard of excellence, knowing that Allah is witness to all of what you do. This is firstly applied to our acts of worship such as prayer, but then extends to our daily lives outside of the prayers that we do.
• Shukr (Gratitude) – Being grateful in every circumstance, knowing that all situations, both good and bad, are temporary. Knowing that Allah rewards those who are grateful. (Surah 14:7)

2. Spiritual focus

A spiritual focus provides clarity and benefit in our lives both seen and unseen.

• Niyyah (Intention) – In Islam we are rewarded by the intention of an act, which is why it is crucial that we purify our intentions for any act that we want to do. When the intention is correct, the barakah of the act will follow. A clear intention naturally leads to a clear focus.
• Earning and eating halal – Earning income in a way that is pleasing to the Creator, as well as eating that which is halal and ethically sourced. A halal lifestyle leads to a productive lifestyle and increased barakah.

3. Spiritual time

Spiritual time is appreciating the value of the limited time we have been given in this life and using it wisely to fulfil our potential and highest goals.

• Valuing time – Allah swears by time in the Qur’an(verse 103) which further illustrates to us the blessing of time. Our time is our wealth and it is imperative upon us to utilise it wisely for great benefit. We have to make the most of it by having a sense of urgency with our work and keeping track of our time through planners, apps and other means.
• Investing time to serve God – This puts the utmost barakah in our lives. Using our spare time to serve Allah is a clear means to increase the barakah in our lives. Both through acts of worship and community service.

Halimat Shode

Halimat Shode

Halimat Shode is the founder of a quarterly on-line publication and platform dedicated to representation of Black Muslims in the UK, The Black Muslim Times.