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Three Imaan Boosters for the Busy

by in Ramadan on 28th May, 2018

It’s true, we are living in a fast-paced world, often referred to the “rat race”  where days turn into hours, hours turn into minutes, minutes into seconds and before we know it, we have lost this precious thing called time, in fact, our life itself. We are constantly “busy” and struggling to get through our lives productively with the many distractions and demands that surround us daily.

The truth is we need to plan around things like Salaah and not just integrate it into the grind of our modern lifestyles. Often you hear people refer to themselves as being in ‘survival mode,

Struggling to live in a society full of stress, driven by targets and ideals of what it means to be successful. From CEO’s, working women, students or stay at home mums, we are all a different type of “busy” just craving the kind of balance that our faith can actually provide. Sometimes the solution is right under our nose.

Often we can feel spiritually dry and lack in motivation to reignite our connection with Allah SWT. We get consumed by the ‘to do’ list and before we know it, boosting our Imaan doesn’t even make the cut.

But If we fix our relationship with Allah, Allah will be sure to fix everything else. It is through strengthening our Imaan that we can In Sha Allah re-establish our purpose, our values and the depth of our soul. No matter how “busy” we are, if we fail to make time to focus on our deen, then the very essence of our being is lost.

So here are some simple and practical steps to help boost your Imaan that I have found to work for me. From keeping a tasbih close to dhikr on walks or during mundane daily tasks to renewing our intention verbally throughout the day, just these three simple tips can boost Imaan. Maybe even listening to lectures during car journeys or dhikr when walking to work, there are ways to strive for that connection.


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1. Pray on time

When we are ‘on the go,’ engrossed in work or distracted by the kids, Salah can be the one thing that quickly starts to slip and once you enter that cycle of delaying or even missing prayers, it can be a struggle to get back on track. The prescribed times for Salah are no coincidence, they help to regulate our day and if you really pay attention, you will see that prayer time comes in, just as your body craves a new release of energy. When you pray on time, your day is filled with barakah and no matter how busy you are, your day runs with more ease when you set this time aside.

“No matter where we are in life, or what we are going through, salah provides you certainty and an opportunity to pull yourself out of the uncertainty of life for a few minutes. It recharges you and sends you back into the world with a renewed energy.”

[ Productive Muslim]

2. Download a Quran App

This is the best way to ensure that you have everything that you need at your fingertips. I personally use Muslim Pro, this gives me the prayer times with optional alarms, duas to recite, the Qibla direction, 99 names and the entire Quran, available in many different translations. What I love most about this App is that it automatically generates a daily verse from the Quran to read and sends you an alert to prompt you. So no matter how busy your day has been, you have an opportunity to connect with the Quran in a short and accessible verse, that is quite literally in the palm of your hand.

3. Bismillah before everything

An easy habit to implement today is to begin everything you do with Bismillah, it’s often something we tell children to do, before putting on their clothes, eating their food or when they fall over. Stating bismillah before starting a task is an easy way to help align your intentions too which can have a huge knock-on effect on one’s behaviour and in the long term form good habits.

Sarah Yataghane

Sarah Yataghane

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