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The Dry Skin Skincare Guide

by in Beauty & Makeup on 6th November, 2017

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Flying is not much fun when you have dry skin. A humid destination will certainly make the endless-hours’ flight worth it. And yet if you’re going to or coming back to cold, dry air, your skin will end up shrivelled and thirsty.

Travelling or not, these are my personal must-haves for dry, flaky skin – tried and tested! I would prefer to use nature’s oils for skincare, but my pores are prone to getting clogged so oils and oil cleansing methods sadly do not work for me. Even oils with a zero comedogenic rating tend to make me break out.

  1. The serum

Everyone is talking about hyaluronic acid and if you have dry skin, you should be too. The word acid scared me but once I used it, I knew I couldn’t go back. It is a moisture embracing serum that keeps skin hydrated, supple and flake free. I get mine from The Ordinary – further details such as the science-y aspects are included.

  1. The exfoliator

Two words: muslin cloth. It is a cheap, reusable and gentle exfoliator that can be used every other day with your usual cleanser to scrub away dead, flaky skin on face and lips. I’d recommend using it at night, before you go to bed so you wake up with fresh, glowy skin. I got mine from Liz Earle.

  1. The toner

I use the Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray as a toner but not every day. It is an anti-irritating spring water which can be used anywhere on the body. It sounds a bit bougie – putting spring water on your face but it’s mild and works well as a toner for dry and/or sensitive skin after exfoliating or cleansing to calm the skin from all the (gentle) scouring. When I’m not using this, I use cold tap water!

  1. The moisturiser and SPF

For the sake of time and ease, I like to use a two in one moisturiser and SPF (sun protection factor). My go-to product is Avene Hydrance Optimal UV Rich – the SPF 20 protects my skin from the sun and keeps it hydrated.

A non-SPF moisturiser I would recommend is, again, Avene Hydrance Optimal Riche, so just like the above but sans SPF.

While on holiday, I used SPF 50 from Elizabeth Arden because the higher the SPF, the better the protection. This is a lightweight, oil-free SPF so it did not clog my pores nor did it leave an annoying chalky residue. It was a pretty perfect SPF to use over a moisturiser, making my skin looked plump and dewy.

  1. The lip balm

I swear by Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Skin Protectant as a lip balm. It is just SO SOOTHING. And there are countless uses for it: on cracked heels, scabs, sunburns etc. Plus the 50ml tube lasts forever! I use it almost everyday and I’ve had the tube for up to 3 years! (Yes it says ‘use within 36 months of opening’ but still works like a charm).

Another lifesaver for my chronic chapped lips is the Nuxe Rêve de Miel® Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm. It smells divine and a small application lasts hours.

  1. The make-up remover

Look no further, the Bioderma Hydrabio H2o makeup remover is here to save the day. So micellar water is ‘made up of micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) suspended in soft water… [they] attract dirt and oil [and] are able to draw out impurities without drying the skin.’

The first micellar water I ever used a couple of years ago, was the Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Oil Infused Water for dry and sensitive skin – BIG MISTAKE. It is probably the worst product I have ever used, in fact, I am not a fan of any Garnier products. It left my face with desiccation cracks and my delicate eyes red and sore.

Bioderma – the best of the best of micellar waters – does not do this. I sparingly soak one side of an [amazon text=Organic bamboo nursing pad&asin=B06XRM95S5] (because they are reusable and less wasteful), and wipe away my day in a couple of easy strokes and of course, it’s super gentle on my eyes. I personally like to double cleanse when I wear makeup so I remove the makeup first, then cleanse with a face wash.

When I’m travelling I use the Bioderma Sensibo H2o wipes because it is essentially a two-in-one of the above so less to carry; it is biodegradable and it works well on dry skin. 

  1. The cleanser

Okay, so this is usually the first thing people write about but I’ve had to leave it for last because I am still looking for the perfect cleanser for my dry skin. I am currently using PHB Ethical Beauty’s Hydrating Facial Wash with Avocado and Myrrh but sadly it does leave my face feeling dry and tight. I don’t necessarily mind it because I slather on a moisturiser after anyway, however if I can find a cleanser that isn’t so drying then it’s a win for me.  Despite this, I love the PHB Ethical Beauty brand – they use mostly organic ingredients and their products are halal-friendly and free from parabens, alcohol and animal testing.

Another cleanser I go back to from time to time is Dr Bronner’s Tea Tree Castile Liquid Soap. All the ingredients are utterly simple and organic but as with the other face wash, it is a tad drying. This wouldn’t be an issue if I lived in a humid climate but in London, unfortunately my face ends up feeling a little parched.

Come and find me if you can recommend a good cleanser/face wash/face milk for dry skin!

Ashiya Mendheria

Ashiya Mendheria

Ashiya Mendheria is a nutritional therapist, and works with women and children of all ages, to cultivate wholesome health by focussing on nutrition and lifestyle changes. Ashiya believes health and vitality can be elevated through practical actions found in the daily, small but consistent habits.