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What’s Food Got to Do With Your Moods?

by in Lifestyle on 26th October, 2017

When we think about our mental health, often the conversation around food and nutrition is ignored. In this months post with Inspirited Minds they focus on this reminder.

When life gets on top of us sometimes our diet can be affected, many of us reach for convenience foods that perhaps may not have the nutrition our mind and body need, or we may even be eating and drinking too little.

Make sure you go through this list of what is important.

Doodles by Mary Clark  who describes herself as an illustrating Neurobiology PhD student at UCL.


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Inspirited Minds

Inspirited Minds

Inspirited Minds is a grassroots charity which aims to reduce stigma, raise awareness and provide advice, support and encouragement to those, in particular, Muslims, affected by mental health problems from a faith and culturally sensitive perspective. Inspirited Minds often run online campaigns, deliver workshops up and down the UK, volunteer their services for crises’, and discuss topical issues in their blog and weekly newsletter.