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Living Below the Poverty Line

by in Lifestyle on 26th April, 2018

Self-Love as a Form of Worship

Suddenly finding yourself unemployed can mean you are no longer connecting with people daily and staying at home a lot, especially alone, this can become quite difficult to handle. There is less money to go out and do enjoyable things, things that are good for us like going to the gym for instance. Then there is the worry of what people will think or say, that they will remind you of it all and for many of us our identities are rooted firmly in our careers and we believe we are what we do so we can feel as though we have lost ourselves with the loss of a ‘role’ we played for so long. In many cultures, the ‘worth’ of a person is dependent on their career or education and therefore those within these communities who find themselves tested through wealth or physical/emotional wellness can greatly struggle to get the support they need to move forward and not succumb to further hopelessness.Some people will try to deal with financial problems by numbing out with drugs or other harmful substances which can cause further debt and further affect the mind to cope with reality. Others resort to sleeping tablets or medication for insomnia or depression and this can then make them feel dependent on other factors to cope and the lack of energy means that it’s more difficult to do things that may help them out of their circumstance.Being unable to relax or sleep due to worry can have massive implications on our physical and mental health. We can become short-tempered, forgetful, low and unable to function which can affect those around us and our own prospects. We can become stuck in a cycle of just managing to survive daily without thriving.If debt is causing you to feel unwell for yourself then it’s important to seek help and advice from the relevant organisations that are there to help. Getting out and about, staying active even by going for a walk is a way to get out of the house, clear your head and takes care of your physical and mental health. Keeping to a routine even if you will be at home helps to make sure that you are still practicing self-care, eating at the right times and doing all the things you would be doing otherwise. Making sure to visit friends and family and keeping those connections strong is important as is doing something you enjoy, like reading or learning a new craft, which may even lead to a new skill being learned and new opportunities. All these things can help towards keeping a positive outlook in a difficult situation.Speak to your local Citizens Advice Bureau if you need advice ( a food bank near you and contribute if you can (

Inspirited Minds

Inspirited Minds

Inspirited Minds is a grassroots charity which aims to reduce stigma, raise awareness and provide advice, support and encouragement to those, in particular, Muslims, affected by mental health problems from a faith and culturally sensitive perspective. Inspirited Minds often run online campaigns, deliver workshops up and down the UK, volunteer their services for crises’, and discuss topical issues in their blog and weekly newsletter.