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This Week in World News: Starting With Sri Lanka & Saudi

by in World on 9th March, 2018


Sri Lankan town mobbed by Sinhalese Buddhist

Ambatenna,  central Sri Lanka’s hill town was attacked by a Sinhalese Buddhist mob in their hundreds on Wednesday. The anti-Muslim violence echoed from afar as witnesses watched the mob approach the area, “screaming at the top of their lungs, carrying sticks and petrol bombs.”  The mob set fire to Muslim homes, and businesses in the towns Welekada area, destroying everything in its wake whilst two dozen policemen and soldiers looked on helplessly.

“We have nowhere to go. They broke all the windows in my house. Our whole house is burnt.”

Saudi Prince’s Odd Entre to the UK

The UK was on high alert recently as an odd advertisement campaign has bubbled to the surface. The campaign which details the welcoming of the Saudi Arabia’s crown prince plastered across our taxis, and billboards, announcing his visit. His visit amidst protests, to forge an economic and investment partnership worth billions of dollars with the U.K Prime Minister on Wednesday.  On the first day of his arrival, he was seen visiting Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.


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Guatemalan President Jimmy Moralez: Moving Embassy to Jerusalem.

Guatemalan president Jimmy Morales has announced he is moving the Guatemalan embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The announcement relayed that the embassy will be moved there, just two days after the U.S will move its embassy there, May 16th. Guatemalan foreign minister Sarah Jovel said at a press conference, “We are doing the right thing in accordance with the foreign policy that Guatemala has had toward Israel over the past 70 years.”

International Women’s Day

Many beautiful social media posts were revealed across platforms of women celebrating one another, and empowering each other for the work that they have achieved across the fields on Thursday, March 7th. However, the day was hijacked when Twitter became a central campaign, about International Men’s Day, with an army of men stating why it is important to value and dedicate a day to men too. P.s International Men’s day is on the 19th of November.

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