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Our Writer of the Month: Furqan Mohamed!

by in Identity on 8th August, 2018

This months writer of the month is Furqan Mohamed, we appreciate her contributions providing her nuance perspectives on identity, American politics, and social commentary. She illustrates her experiences of having identities that cross multiple intersections, she also uses poetry and prose in a wonderful way to express her views on feminism. In case you didn’t know Furqan is a writer from Toronto, writing politically driven pieces. Her writing has been featured in Into The Fold, and she serves as a Web Editor at TeenEye Magazine and a journalist for Sea Foaming. She is humbled and proud of the space she gets to express her views on the internet with her work, especially in a world that endeavours to silence Muslim women. You can find her musings on Twitter: @heyfurqan

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Writer of the month: Ashiya Mendheria

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